Griffin 23 +16 Paul 14 +9 Howard 23+11 Rockets lost to the Clippers

Griffin 23 +16 Paul 14 +9 Howard 23+11 Rockets lost to the ClippersRockets 93-101 away loss to the Clippers .Rockets ( 39-19 ) two -game winning streak end , lost three times already this season, the Clippers . Dwight Howard scored 23 points and 11 rebounds , James Harden(Air Jordan 11 GS Concord) 18 points and six rebounds, Chandler Parsons only 3 of 13 shots , scored seven points. Jordan came off the bench Hamilton scored 16 points, Jeremy 6 points and 3 assists . Los Angeles Clippers ( 40-20 ) three -game winning streak . Blake Griffin(Jordan Super.Fly 2 Supernova) scored 23 points and 16 rebounds, Chris Paul 14 points and nine assists, DeAndre Jordan 13 points and 10 rebounds , Matt Barnes 11 points. Bench Darren Collison 19 points. Both teams had all the momentum fiery rocket after 11 games to win 10 games. But the last 10 games against the Rockets lost to the Clippers eight times . The road to face the Clippers , the Rockets have a five -game losing streak , and lost an average of 112.2 points per game . In the battle at the beginning of the season , the Clippers to 137-118 victory over the Clippers this season, which is still the highest single-game points. Five days later, and on the road to the Clippers beat the Rockets 107-94 . Third territories, reported quadrupled frustrated Rockets want revenge , but the Clippers have momentum hot , they will not let them succeed. Shortly after opening , Griffin dribble from backcourt , train reached the basket , easy layup , hit in the cast are restricted within Paul(Jordan CP3 AE Mint) Thereafter , the Clippers to a 10-0 start, the Rockets played a surprise . Until this section there are 8 minutes and 50 seconds, then toss the ball to break Parsons , Howard alley-oop dunks , the Rockets scored the first points. In the first six minutes of the game , the Rockets hit only two balls to 4-17 behind. The first section there are 5 minutes 35 seconds, Beverly hit the third, Howard thereafter turned and shot , rockets began to enter the state, after Harden thirds vote, the Rockets only to 17-19 behind. Rockets strengthen the defense , so easy to just-field when the Clippers did not score . After the first section , the Rockets to a 22-26 disadvantage. Section 9 minutes and 35 seconds, Lin Shi Leng Jian sudden , on the outside hit the third, the Rockets to 29-28 ahead , this is their first time, leading the audience . Harden also cast after two consecutive hits, in this section there are 7 minutes and 30 seconds ,37 -31 lead. Failure to maintain long rocket attack , after nearly four minutes failed to score 12-0 after the Clippers play to 43-37 to regain the advantage . After the Clippers got into trouble, this section last 3 minutes 35 seconds they failed to hit a ball , the Rockets played 9-1 after the first half to 48-46 lead. Two teams alternating the lead several times . Section 6 minutes and 59 seconds, Howard dunks the Rockets to 58-60 behind. Jordan immediately fired back alley-oop dunks . Both sides inside generals Rush , this section there are 4 minutes 21 seconds , after Howard layup , the Rockets 64-62 lead again. Both sides hard to compete , after this section , the Rockets to 73-74 behind. Dudley and Collison have hit the third, the Clippers to 82-76 to expand the. Rocket consecutive missed opportunity to chase points , failed to score in four minutes . The fourth quarter and 7 minutes and 25 seconds before the Mo iron Jonas hit a ball , the two sides still played inextricably . Competition also 3 minutes 16 seconds, Parsons hit third , the Rockets to 86-90 behind. Griffin then shot , but Barnes left buckle up is successful, the Clippers hold our ground . Parsons became a critical moment , " butter hand" instability ball out of bounds , the Clippers seize the opportunity , Collison thirds vote . Howard dunk have 1 minute 06 seconds and cause foul when succeeded , but unfortunately the penalty is not rocket still 91-99 behind. After the rocket will narrow the gap to six points, but powerless.
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