HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer, the water proof and strong material

HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer, the water proof and strong materialThe tarpaulin is a waterproof, flexible and strong material. It is available in large sheet. The tarpaulin has vast usage, but it is mainly used for the protection from the rain water. The HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer, manufacture the wide range of the high quality tarpaulin, which is frequently used in rain water protection, in transportation, trucks, storage godowns, boats, lumber, Snowmobiles, temporary storage, grain, plant and machinery, construction sites, tents, ground sheets and many more.

The tarpaulin has good water resistance, rust resistance, all weather resistance and flame retardant. The main advantage of the tarpaulin is that, it is easy to clean and use.

• tear proof
• shrink proof and rot proof
• rope reinforced edges
• grommets on sides and corners
• easily reprocess
• available in different attractive colors
• the tarpaulin is available in any size with GSM

We manufacture the 500 ton HDPE Tarpaulin per month and supply to over 25 countries, but our main market is in Africa. We supply our wide range of tarpaulin to the southern India. The tarpaulin can re-process with the lamination plant. They are available with variety of designs. The people use them to make the hut and tents. We are making the tarpaulin in various sizes like 80 gsm, 120 gsm, 140 gsm, 150 gsm, 170 gsm, 180 gsm, 200 gsm and 225 gsm.
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