James 15 points Miami home beat the Grizzlies

James 15 points Miami home beat the GrizzliesHeat home managed to beat the Grizzlies .Miami Heat ( 47-20 ) generals LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 BHM) in a comeback after the break , scored 15 points , seven assists and six rebounds , Dwyane Wade 14 points , Chris Bosh 11 points, Mario Chalmers 14 points . Bench Ray Allen 18 points. Memphis ( 40-28 ) in the final four minutes only 2 points , ending two -game winning streak .Zach Randolph had 25 points and 14 rebounds , Mark Gasol 14 points and six rebounds, Mike Conley and Kootenay Lee each had 12 points. James missed the last game , the Heat lost to the Celtics accident , which is more than a year , their first defeat in the case of James 's absence . Today James back, the Heat all out . Before the game began , Mike Miller took the championship ring(Nike LeBron 11 Ring Night PE) from Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra Stella hands. He was one of the Heat win the hero , but in the summer to the Grizzlies . James, who gathered around , and Miller hug. After the start of the game , both teams are to each other, Miller came off the bench , but failed to become the team hero . Heat poor state after opening the first 3 minutes and 30 seconds , only to hit a ball. Grizzlies only hit two goals to lead 5-2 . In this section there are 3 minutes and 40 seconds, Bosh hit in the cast , the Heat to 13-16 behind the rest of the time in this section , only Allen(Air Jordan 11 Two Rings Ray Allen PE) layup got two points after the first quarter , the Heat to 15-22 behind. II began shortly after Miller hit three-pointers , which he scored the only audience . Expand the Grizzlies to 29-20 , but the Heat still after 9-2 spurt , chasing the score 29-31. Under Grizzlies guard against the Heat captains failed to get back the feeling at halftime , they only lead to 45-43 . Quickly overtake the Grizzlies in the third quarter , this section there are 8 minutes 10 seconds, Randolph layup , the Grizzlies to 54-47 advantage. James is also in the cast after a ball , Oden dunks and cause foul , and even scored three points with a fine cast , the Heat quickly close the gap. But after nearly three minutes the Heat failed to score , the Grizzlies scored 10 points in one fell swoop to 64-52 double-digit advantage . Wade in the cast to break the deadlock , the Heat 16-4 the end of this section , fill in the Anderson buzzer , the two sides battle into a 68-68 through three quarters . Finally, a few degrees of the two teams tie game . Miller left the pitch at the crucial moment , but failed to score. Competition also 4 minutes 08 seconds, Kootenay - Lee hit in the cast , the Grizzlies to 84-77 lead. Ray Allen also to third , the Heat began to fight back , James and Wade have also succeeded thereafter , the Heat 9-0 attack wave , when the game 1 minute 04 seconds , they 86-84 lead. After the Grizzlies called timeout , the ball to Miller , but he was not in the third . Randolph grabbed the offensive rebound , but was Wade steals , 24.8 seconds in the game when James cast hit ,88 -84 lead. Conley scored quickly in 2 minutes 21.2 seconds before the whistle , but the Grizzlies did not come foul thereafter , Allen dunk 14 seconds in the game , the Heat still have 4 points advantage. Conley critical moment not in the third , but James did also missed two free throws . Fortunately, the cast also missed Randolph , the Heat still win.
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