James 21 +6 Heat nearly 6 Battle lost 5 games

James 21 +6 Heat nearly 6 Battle lost 5 gamesHeat home 107-11 unexpectedly lost to the Nuggets .Miami Heat ( 44-19 ) for the first time in three years the home straight. LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 BHM) scored 21 points , six rebounds and six assists, Dwyane Wade 19 points and six assists, Mario Chalmers 16 points and six assists . Bench Ray Allen 22 points , Chris Anderson 14 points . The Nuggets ( 29-36 ) two -game winning streak . " Orc " Kenneth Faliaide scored 24 points and 10 rebounds , Thailand Lawson 13 points and nine assists . Outstanding performance off the bench , Darrell Arthur 18 points , Evan Fournier 14 points and six rebounds , JJ- Hickson 11 points and nine rebounds. Heat recently lost five of six games , missed a good opportunity to the east beyond the Pacers became the first . Last game they lost to the Nets to a point difference , coach Erik Spoelstra Stella laments , "Now is the time to survival of the fittest ." Nuggets(Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23) ongoing five consecutive trip to the east , after losing the first two games , a win over the Magic . Today, faced with a much more powerful Heat, Nuggets played very tenacious. Heat start did not go well , the game played nearly two minutes after the first score , but then quickly find the feeling. The first section there are 8 minutes and 12 seconds , Wade grabbed defensive rebounds , offensive immediately thrown a long , successful singles basket ball after James , the Heat to 8-5 exceeded. Wade has since consecutive hit, after more than half of this section , expand the Heat to 16-7 . The gap between the two sides to reach double digits , after the first section , the Heat to 30-20 lead. Shortly after the beginning of the second quarter , the Heat(Nike Air Max 2014) to 38-24 lead, but then they get into trouble. Brooks and Fournier each hit two three-pointers, the Nuggets 19-2 wave of attacks hit , quickly to 43-40 exceeded. Heat within four minutes only to hit a ball , finally voted by the Bosh succeeded in again , but Arthur is also credited with one-third , the Nuggets expand the. At the end of the half , leading the Nuggets to 58-53 , 38-23 to win the section they . Heat plight continues ,section III played six minutes later, they did not hit a ball , the Nuggets play 12-3 to 70-56 double-digit advantage. From behind a double-digit lead to double digits , the Heat experienced rainbow night . Anderson to face old club particularly exciting , oop succeeded twice , but failed to stop the Nuggets' offensive. Faliaide at the end of this section will make deduction succeeded Nuggets to 85-71 lead into the final section. Nuggets in the fourth quarter to extend the advantage to 16 points , the Heat finally force, Allen -thirds vote, then break layup , one with 5 points , the Heat 19-7 after wave of attacks in the section only when more than half to 90-94 behind . James at the crucial moment mercy, the game still 57.4 seconds , only one of his two free throws , the Heat to 102-106 behind. Nuggets shot after James missed a long shot too . Lawson missed a ball , James made two free throws in the game there are 17 seconds in two, the Heat to 104-107 behind. Nuggets serve, James knocked the ball from behind , the referee blew for a foul , James angrily protested, but to no avail , Foye also hit two free throws , the Nuggets lead five minutes . James once again not in the third , the Heat had to disarm.
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