James 33 +7 bleed out of the race,the MVP battle with KD leveled again

James 33 +7 bleed out of the race,the MVP battle with KD leveled againMiami Heat away 103-81 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder , LeBron James(Nike Lebron 10 MVP) fight to the blood spattered arena, 15 of 22 shots in 33 points 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals, since 2008 the first time since the fourth consecutive game to get at least 33 points . Despite eight turnovers , but the rule of force and compared it and count it ? Successfully defended last season led the Heat after four years of James wins MVP heyday , limelight without the two, although Durant(Nike KD 6 MC Mambacurial) same day vertical Wizards , but still he stubbornly pressure in the body . But with the decline of the season , James and Durant data led monocytes play amazing performance , this situation quietly changed. The two teams played against , Durant led the team to reverse the Heat away , even more so this MVP battle balance significantly towards the end of his inclination . If you lost again today, James Durant , it basically corresponds to personally hand over the MVP trophy . For this reason , the game of the season , James(Nike LeBron 11 Gamma Blue) became the most important battle , after the opening, he immediately practical action to prove this point . Although the first one appeared in the statistics because of a mistake, but he immediately used to redeem a series score : from 10 minutes and 41 seconds to 7 minutes and 18 seconds , all out of James Wong consecutive cut points , have the basket back body, there is an outside pull , and of course fast-break dunk counterattack , 6-7 before a Heat team who arranged the opening 12 minutes , but this is his unprecedented performances throughout his career , including the Knights of time ! After James's aggressive play out, the Heat lose all live, multi-flowering , and soon extended the lead to double digits. James, in addition to a very aggressive attack on the first section scored 16 exceptionally , defense is exceptionally positive , repeatedly steals succeeded to form a counterattack opportunity for the Heat always firmly grasp the initiative in the game . Section II James's individual performance somewhat restrained , but only a few shots still show a good feeling , so after the second half began, once again force quickly round a torrent of fire . The beginning of the third quarter , Ibaka [ microblogging ] The second attack was to catch the score 49-54 , but James immediately fired back with a note in the cast , followed by sudden he did not even vote with eight points and Glenealy Heat re- opened the points difference to a safe distance. The final section , the Thunder 's comeback attempt last under the leadership of Durant , but James led the Heat still firmly under the control of the pace of the game . 5 minutes and 56 seconds before the whistle , James Road break one-handed dunk , Ibaka after ball into a round he was down , half lying on the ground after James could not climb up, shot forward, I saw him drop a nosebleed one , the scene was very scary. Miami doctor quickly stepped forward , James helped back to the locker room will be checked and disposal. Although forced to leave early because of an accident , but James has given the team left a 16 -point lead and full psychological advantage. After the game , the points difference increased rather than decreased , the game into garbage time soon . James used his powerful performance perfectly Durant hit back , even American "Jane Black" Skip Bayless has published a sigh , James pulled back by virtue of this war has to keep pace with the competition for Durant MVP. And this wonderful battle for Twins , will thus become more competitive and exciting in the coming days !
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