James 37 points the Heat away lost to Grizzly fell the east top

James 37 points the Heat away lost to Grizzly fell the east topHeat away 102-107 loss to the Grizzlies , fell from the first position of the east.The Heat ( 53-25 ) two straight sets in two days . LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 Oregon Ducks) scored 37 points , six rebounds and five assists , Chris Bosh 13 points and six rebounds, Mario Chalmers 12 points. Bench Rashard Lewis 17 points . Grizzlies ( 46-32 ) made 12 straight at home , but continued to hold the western ninth. Zach Randolph 12 of 15 shots , scored 25 points and 11 rebounds , Mark Gasol 20 points and 14 rebounds , Mike Conley 26 points and six assists, Kootenay Lee 18 points. For the Grizzlies , it is the field to win the war, because they have fallen to the western ninth defeat again , it will bogged down . Heat will not easily let go , as the Pacers had already won the Heat lost , it will hand over the top position . The final result, the Heat disappointed consecutive defeat in two days , they hand over the eastern part of the first position , while the Grizzlies Despite the victory , as the sun cross the border , the Grizzlies continued to hold the ninth. Yesterday 's game , James(Air Jordan 1 Bulls) was the last time dunk cap , the Heat lost to the Nets to a point difference . James insisted last ball was foul, but has been unable to change the facts . Fortunately, the Heat still ranked first , destiny in their own hands. When you first encounter the Grizzlies this season , the Heat are still lagging behind last section , but they are 14-2 to end the game in one fell swoop to 91-86 comeback . Over the past five to Memphis , the Heat lost four times, so they no chances . Randolph feel hot, less than one minute after the opening , he has twice succeeded . Jiujiang Grizzlies Shane Battier outside lesson within three minutes long shot hit him three times , the Heat to 18-12 start. Both sides to attack exchange , Randolph has continued to succeed , this section there are 3 minutes 49 seconds, he even thirds vote, the Grizzlies to 21-23 behind only . Randolph first section 8 of 8 shooting , one scored 17 points , the Grizzlies to 31-32 behind only . Randolph once again succeeded in the cast after the second quarter began , but then he would come to rest . Ray Allen(Air Jordan 11 Two Rings Ray Allen PE) after the third hit twice , the Heat to 40-36 lead. James also had a strong performance, this section there are 4 minutes and 43 seconds , he turned back tough shot , the Heat to 51-43 to expand the. Randolph returned to the field, but did not get shots to prevent under . Although the Heat in the last three minutes of this section only to hit a ball , the first half is still 58-54 advantage. James the second half angry, began shortly after the third quarter , and he hit three foul , vote with a penalty scored 4 points, followed by long shot he hit in 30 seconds with 7 points , the Heat to 67 - 61 maintain our edge. In this section Randolph finally shot the first time , but the Grizzlies still chased after three , they only 77-80 behind. Gasol frequently attacking the basket in the fourth quarter began , the Heat finally weakness inside paid the price , but the Grizzlies perimeter players also find the feeling , after Conley hit consecutive three , in this section there are 3 minutes 33 seconds , Grizzlies 103-93 double-digit advantage. James alone, hit two free throws , but then was Conley steals , Chalmers start foul , foul not only lose , not the ball. After Conley hit two free throws , Tony Allen succeeded in the cast , in the game 1 minute 27 seconds , leading the Grizzlies to 107-95 . Competition also 16 seconds when Lewis hit a record third , the Heat will recover as the score 102-107 , but unfortunately it was too late .
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