James continued downturn in the Heat 3-game losing streak, the Bulls overtime win

James continued downturn in the Heat 3-game losing streak, the Bulls overtime winHeat double-digit lead in the fourth case was overturned , away overtime to the 88-95 loss to the Bulls .Miami Heat ( 43-17 ) three -game losing streak . Dwyane Wade scored 25 points , LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 BHM) 23 shots in only 8,get 17 points , nine rebounds and eight assists , Chris Bosh 15 points. Bulls ( 35-28 ) tenacious comeback . Joe King Noah scored 20 points , 12 rebounds and seven assists , he blocks five times. Jimmy Butler 16 points and 11 rebounds , Kirk Hinrich 11 points off the bench in the DJ- Augustin scored 22 points . Heat just failed miserably to 87-111 loss to the Spurs(Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23) , but in the meantime, they lose the most precisely thanks to the bull has done. The last time away from home, they lost to the Bulls 87-107 , Wade missed due to illness .Bulls have just experienced a disappointing tournament in rebounding battle, they lost to the Grizzlies , and ultimately lost the game. Coach Tai Bodu bluntly , rebounding is the name of that game . Today we are faced old rival Heat, Bulls go all out , "This game , we do not need to mobilize , " Gibson said. James sleeved shirts and masks tucao before , but today they do not wear short-sleeved , and in spite of the doctor's advice , James did not wear a mask. However, James did not find touch , a continuation of the downturn , only 5 of 13 shots before the Heat played is not easy. James shot just 5 first section 1, did not get a penalty chance , fortunately Wade in good condition . An opening Wade dunk , then 4 penalty 4 , forced the Heat the first six points, taking a 8-3 start. Hinrich hit twice in the cast , but also after the Bulls(Air Jordan 10 Chicago) 7-0 to 10-8 lead. The two sides several times alternating the lead , this section last 3 minutes 34 seconds Heat hit only one ball , after this section to 19-21 behind. James Section reduce the number of shots , just two shots , Wade led the Heat in the score exceeded. The middle section , the Heat within two minutes and 30 seconds is not scored , the Bulls scored seven straight points to 35-28 lead after Wade for the Heat to break the deadlock after the break layup , James alley-oop dunk since then , the only vote in this section goals, the Heat 15-0 attack wave , in one fell swoop to 43-35 lead. Bulls in 7 minutes failed to hit a ball , this section there are 2.7 seconds until succeeded by the NOAA basket, the first half to 37-43 behind. James states finally picked up, the third quarter and one minute when he hit the third , had just dunk , the Heat to 65-54 double-digit advantage . Butler also credited with three points, three quarters Bulls to 59-67 disadvantage. James does not rush to attack, after the fourth quarter began, he passes to the outside - Ray Allen , who hit the third, this section there are 10 minutes and 16 seconds when James succeeded near midfield steals , fast-break dunks score , the Heat to 74-62 to expand the. Bulls quick counterattack, they finished 13-0 wave of attacks to 75-74 lead. James then shot failed to hit, but fortunately the Bulls missed shots , Bosh hit twice in the third, the Heat will score twice exceeded. The fourth quarter and 20.1 seconds when Hinrich layup to tie it at 86-86 . James performs critical attack, but a breakthrough was when Butler cap , the Bulls quickly launch the final blow, but not enough time , the two sides into overtime. NOAA is vent to clap and Butler several times. Heat again and again in extra time after the shooting began not in the Bulls 9-0 to 95-86 advantage. Until the game 1 minute 25 seconds , James was found opportunity in the basket, the basket got 2 points. It is also the only score when the Heat added , then they do not shoot straight , lose the opportunity to comeback .
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