James downturn Heat game winning streak stop, Big Three only 45 points

James downturn Heat game winning streak stop, Big Three only 45 pointsHeat away to 89-94 loss to the Jazz .Miami Heat ( 35-14 ) three -game winning streak anded. LeBron James <a href="http://www.widekicks.com/nike-lebron-10-mvp-p-2743.html">Nike Lebron 10 MVP</a>, only 4 of 13 shots , had 13 points , seven rebounds and five assists , Chris voted 3 to 12 , had 13 points and seven rebounds , Dwyane Wade 19 points 6 rebounds, Mario Chalmers 12 points and seven assists . Heat shot only 43% of the audience , 23 three-pointers was 7 .

Jazz ( 17-33 ) end of the four- game losing streak, avenged a stone's last defeat . Marvin Williams scored 23 points , Richard Jefferson 14 points, Trey Burke 13 points , Gordon Hayward 9 points , 11 assists and nine rebounds.

The first time the two teams clash this season , the Heat shot up 63.4 percent , setting a record in team history . They 117-94 win over the Jazz , " Big Three " scored a total of 77 points.

Jazz has been in the doldrums, the worst record of the west , but at home , they have a two -game winning streak , but the Heat . Heat menacing today , but did not account for much cheaper , most of the time at a disadvantage.

Heat <a href="http://www.widekicks.com/nike-lebron-11-championship-customs-p-2859.html">Nike LeBron 11 Championship Customs</a> to a 4-0 start, but has since become jazz audience. Williams and Jefferson have hit the third, the Jazz quickly overtake . In this section there are 8 minutes 33 seconds , James hit a record third , the Heat to 12-10 exceeded, but only after 20 seconds , Williams layup , jazz and launched a wave of attacks 12-2 , in after this section, in order to keep the half leading 22-14 . Heat in the last four minutes only to hit a ball , in this mess . Jazz was leading by 14 points , Bosh when two free throws in this section there are 0.3 seconds , the Heat to 20-32 behind.

Cole Jones became the Heat , the second in the middle , he twice hit third , the Heat will chase the score became 35-41 . Jazz hit rate began to fall within two minutes , not shooting . In this section there are 2 minutes 56 seconds , the third succeeded Battier , the Heat to 40-44 behind only . After Chalmers also voted in the third, the Heat to 48-47 lead. Heat to a 30-20 win in this section , only the first half to 50-52 behind.

When more than half of the third quarter , leading the Jazz to 59-54 . Heat in the pre-holiday five minutes only to hit a ball , then failed to find the feeling . In this section there are 5 minutes 07 seconds , Burke hit third, the Jazz to 64-58 lead. Shane finally hit a record third , the Heat once again close the gap. In this section the two teams each had 16 points after three , the two sides are still two points behind , leading the Jazz to 68-66 .

Heat last a counterattack did not come to the party . Canterbury scored four points to start the festival, the Jazz to 72-66 lead. More than half of this section , Cole made two free throws , the Heat will recover as the score 74-77 , but Canterbury and dunk lesson , jazz scored four points, to stay ahead.

Over the past two years , the Heat are losing here , Salt Lake City is their sad . Today they played very hard , every time the Heat back, have suffered repression jazz . In this section there are 4 minutes 13 seconds , Burke hit the third, also with Chalmers just a ball , Williams third succeeded , Jazz to 87-79 to expand the.

"Big Three" state average Ray Allen <a href="http://www.widekicks.com/air-jordan-11-two-rings-ray-allen-pe-p-2904.html">Air Jordan 11 Two Rings Ray Allen PE</a> to come forward , there are 46.9 seconds in the game when he hit the third shot , the Heat will recover as the score 89-91 . But on defense, the Heat was powerless , Burke 24.9 seconds in the game when hit in the cast , the Heat impasse .

Allen shot again , but this time not in the third , the Heat had to foul. Hayward made two free throws , the Jazz still 10.4 seconds in the game to 94-89 lead. After the Heat missed shots , powerless.

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