James pronouncements will be the top four players in NBA history

According to Miami , " Sun Sentinel " reported Heat team star LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 Forging Iron) recently accepted a former NBA player Steve Smith's exclusive interview. During the interview, James admitted that the Heat 's success stems from Wade initiative to Yin . In addition, he also confident that he will be the top four players in NBA history .


The summer of 2010 , James and Wade, Bosh gathered in Miami , and since the formation of the luxurious "Big Three ." However, the starting point is not the beginning of their successful 2010-11 season , the highly anticipated Heat made ​​only 9 wins and 8 losses start , but the team also appeared in a crisis of confidence .


Turning to the 2010-11 season twist , James did not hesitate to give credit to a friend Wade . "At the time Wade find me , and I said: ' Dude, in order for us to become a great team , I think you should become the core of leaders we want to get the achievements , you have to play you have in Cleveland . Knight 's role '' You want me to take over the keys ' his response was : ' ? of course, ' I was feeling was : ' ! this guy is very special .' "


In the end, the Heat overcame many obstacles ,into the Finals three years , and to achieve two consecutive years .This season, the defending champion goal directed three consecutive years , but the difficulty is not small. Personal honor ( for example: regular season MVP), James will face Kevin Durant's(Nike KD 6 Mint Speckle) strong challenge .


When asked how they motivate themselves Durant 's performance , James replied: "He's very exciting to play in every game the way it is clear that we all know he will become the greatest scorer of . one , but the way he plays is so full of joy , like back to childhood in Maryland when I was in court , I also feel like back to the childhood Akron . "


There is no doubt that James is one of the NBA 's most complete player , especially on the defensive end , he was able to proof from 01 -bit to fifth place . In view of this , James believes his defensive ability is significantly undervalued. Career so far , he has five time NBA Defensive First Team , but never won the title of best defensive player .


"Honestly, I feel like I have been for two consecutive years ( in the selection of the best defensive players ) are ignored and I 'm serious, this is my selfish side, but I feel I should win this award ." James said. .


Questions about the historical status of the outside world is concerned , James still looks a little embarrassed . When asked before the eyes of four players in NBA history , James said: " It is easy to choose the top three , but also we have been talking about , Michael Jordan(Air Jordan 10 Chicago) Larry Bird and 'Magic' . ? Johnson, fourth place in my mind, oh wow , too difficult to answer this question , it would not be fair , " like a long time , and he jumped out of his mouth before Oscar Robertson 's name.


"Then wait until the end of your career , your name will appear in there? " Steve Smith asked."Yes ." James is extremely strong at the moment , "I will become history ranked players in front of four, that's for sure , if they do not want to let me go in a row , then it is best to find another location . Someone will being squeezed , but not for me to decide . "

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