James: Spurs first not surprising,playoffs we are not afraid of any opponent

James: Spurs first not surprising,playoffs we are not afraid of any opponentHeat vs. Pacers today , the impact of the eastern part of the first again. Meanwhile, west of San Antonio , is about to lock the league first throne . For last year's finals opponent, LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 Hawaii Custom) said that they did not get the first accident . "No, their success did not make me feel surprised, I think people do not feel any accident ," James said before the game , "They are like a team , with a total is the right way to play , they have a good coach , three prospective Hall of Famer , everyone believes the team's system , are playing the right way , as long as you play the right way , you will gain great results . " In the U.S. gaming companies out of the odds , the highest probability of winning is still the Heat , Spurs(Air Jordan 1) is followed , the two teams last season after seven games before the finals winner , the Heat completed two consecutive years . Want to complete three consecutive years, the Pacers still ahead of defending champion this road gates . "Now between East 6th and 7th poor very small gap between the top two is very weak, we may have to wait until next Thursday ( regular season last fight ) against specific know , " James said , "can enter Season after the race the team very much , we respect every opponent , but we are not afraid of any opponent ! " Regular season left a week , James said , physically and mentally tired . " Each season hit this time , I would feel a little tired , this is my style of decision, because I always strive to bring vitality and pitch every night particularly fast -paced play ," James(Nike LeBron 11 Gator King) said. " hit of the season at this point , who would not feel a bit tired of it ? unless you played for the Spurs , Pop Gregg Popovich always have a way to let his players get the message , as our other team players will tired . "
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