Jenny: The Lakers no positions for Phil Jackson,believe management can make the Lakers rise

Jenny: The Lakers no positions for Phil Jackson,believe management can make the Lakers riseAccording to "Insidesocal" reported Phil Jackson's fiancee Janet Bass in an interview about her views on joining the Knicks for Jackson , she said , the Lakers there is no management position for Phil. Meanwhile, after the Lord Kobe Bryant(Nike Kobe 8 YOTH Year Of The Horse) for the team 's discontent , Jenny said she and the management is confident that the Lakers once again back to the height . For Jackson joined the Knicks , Jenny said it was a good thing for him , but the Lakers management is currently no suitable Jackson 's position. "We do not provide any position to him, and now the Lakers management has no position suits him , " Jenny said, "Maybe I can get him to do some matters sponsorship or other similar work, but these are not able to his work brings challenges that these can not let him satisfied. everyone should find yourself passionate thing , and for Phil , the basketball is , and he is very good at it themselves . " Jackson(Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23) had previously made a statement about the team management wants to work, and why he eventually did not come together with the Lakers ? There are indications that it is likely that the former Lakers owner , Jeanne late father Jerry Bass's mean. "My father meant to let us like family , like to run the team," Bass said , "Although I have my influence, but the team is also a very important thing , where consensus is very important to let everyone opinions unity when there are differences , we need to understand why it happens , this is the way I handle things . " For Jackson joined the Knicks(Jordan Melo M10 Christmas), Jenny said he would like to wish him, but if there is a conflict of interest , she would be with the Lakers as the most important . "I want Phil to know if the Lakers did not fit his role , then he can choose to go to another team , " Jenny said , "I will bless him , and the Knicks themselves to do well if we playoff encounter, I think for me, the Lakers still would be the first one , but that would mean we all broke into the finals and I am hoping to have this opportunity to appear , because I know that the best team will win . " Bryant has previously expressed dissatisfaction with the Lakers management operations , Jackson said the Lakers do not let go of understanding this, Jenny position, she Bryant mood now fully understand and have confidence in themselves , with little Bass and Kupchak together , the Lakers once again back to the height . "Kobe is a very strong ambition , I can completely understand his feelings now, because he went through a very difficult time and it is difficult to go to vent , " Jenny said, "I understand , I understand Phil go Knicks . ambition of a man so strong, but no place to vent , sometimes people go crazy . " For the management of dissatisfaction Bryant , Jenny replied: "I am very confident that Jim and Mickey , they will make joint efforts , the Lakers back to the man who looks like the fans are familiar with ."
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