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louboutin outlet online weapons and supplies in remote 6 The U.S. Consulate on Monday louboutin shoes outlet said unidentified foreigner was kidnapped in southwestern Nigeria, adding that it broke the news to alert its citizens. Kidnapping of expatriates is rare in Lagos, regarded as Nigeria's economic capital. But high-profile kidnappings and abduction of foreigners for ransom are rampant in the southern oil- rich states and most victims were released unharmed after payment of ransoms. The Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and another Islamist Ansaru sect have recently christian louboutin outlet claimed responsibility for the abduction of some foreigners. The UN Security Council is considering a military-backed political mission or the use of peacekeepers to stabilize Mali, a report said Tuesday. In the UN report obtained by Xinhua, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon cited "poor governance, corruption and ineffective rule of law and security" as root causes for conflict in the West African state. A weak interim government has been in office since a March 2012 coup. France, christian louboutin discount at the request of the interim Mali government in January, sent troops after insurgents overtook towns in the northern part of its former colony. The secretary-general's report on the situation was mandated by a December 2012 council resolution. The recommendations were sought by the council in February after Dioncounda Traore, the interim Mali president, asked to transform the African-led International Support Mission (AFISMA) in Mali into a UN peacekeeping operation. "Since the deployment of French and African christian louboutin wedding shoes forces in Mali, leaders of the military coup of March 2012 have adopted a low profile," Ban said in the report. However, Ban said, divisions within the army persist, citing a Feb. 8 battle between government troops and the Presidential Guard. "Most terrorist and associated forces withdrew northwards into the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains while others, mainly local Malians, reportedly blended into local communities," the report said. The report added that the rebels have stockpiled louboutin outlet online weapons and supplies in remote areas of northern Mali and that some groups have carried out counterattacks using "asymmetric tactics, including the use of suicide bombings." The report cited Parliament's adoption of a road map for the transitional government that seeks the "restoration of territorial integrity and the organization of free and fair elections." The road map also calls for "further military operations alongside Operation Serval (the French action) and AFISMA, aimed at recovering the areas occupied http://www.moyle-council.org/partnership/?p=17-mbt-shoes-for-men by armed groups," Ban said he dispatched Edmond Mulet, the assistant UN secretary-general for peacekeeping operations.
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