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 It's also a combination <A href="">discount   christian louboutin shoes</A> of software, training materials, and implementation standards which provide protected area authorities and community groups with the ability to empower staff, boost motivation, increase efficiency, and promote credible and transparent monitoring of the effectiveness of anti-poaching efforts. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)'s Asian Species Expert, Barney Long said the new tool was crucial as traditional approaches to stopping poaching had failed. "The launch of SMART could not come at <A href="">cheap christian louboutin   sneakers</A> a better time as 177 nations gather in Thailand at the CITES last week to make decisions aimed at stopping the illegal trade of wildlife," Long said. "This vital tool will help the eco-guards on the frontlines of conservation get out ahead of the poachers and protect the most iconic species on our planet. Without SMART, the poachers will remain more sophisticated, which we cannot let happen." The groups developed SMART in response to the recognition that traditional approaches, <A href="">cheap christian   louboutins</A> technologies, and resources are not stemming the illegal killing and trading of endangered species – such as tigers, rhinos, elephants, great apes, and marine turtles - - and the resulting loss of threatened and highly valued biodiversity. A critical issue is the growing gap between the sophistication of those involved in the illegal capture and trade in wildlife, and the number, skill levels, and motivation of the personnel committed to enforcing anti -poaching laws. The partnership members intend <A href="">christian   louboutin sale</A> to promote it across their project areas around the world. This will provide SMART with a very powerful foundation for sustainable, long-term growth and ensure widespread adoption, leading to consistent, comparable and effective datasets. Kenyan police have killed at least six Mombasa-based secessionists and seriously injured others after the group killed one policeman and injured others in the coastal town of Malindi early on Thursday. Regional intelligence commander, Ambrose Munyasia said <A href="">louboutin   wedding shoes</A> the six members of the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) had attacked a casino in the town. "Armed militia attacked our officers with crude weapons who were manning the casino at around 2.30am local time but police managed to gun down their accomplices and recovered several assorted weapons," Munyasia told Xinhua by telephone. Police officers managed to arrest four while the rest managed to escape during the attack. The group of over hundred had attacked the casino. He said two loaded police AK 47 were snatched from <a href=""></a> the police officers. Munyasia said three were killed on the spot while three others were shot dead by police officers on who responded.
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