MVP list: Durant dominated the top spot,James followed by

MVP list: Durant dominated the top spot,James followed byNBA official today gives new phase MVP standings , compared with the previous period , almost no change in the rankings this week , but Tony Parker and DeMar DeRozan mutually exchanged a ranking position. Kevin Durant(Nike KD 6 N7) still dominated the list, LeBron James followed by, Blake Griffin finished third , Paul George fourth . The first one : Kevin Durant ( Thunder ) Last week: First With the Lakers , Durant distal alone take 19 points to help the team reversed, the whole game he only got 43 points and 12 rebounds and seven assists , no prestige in less days, Tulane special led his team played 20 wins and 7 losses record , maybe now if he could get the MVP talk too early , but Durant at least prove that he is worthy of All-Star starter. Second place: LeBron James ( Miami Heat ) Last week: second If most of the time this season, James(Nike Lebron 10 MVP) did not put a hundred percent , then recently, he started to do that . Back to back against the Suns and the Warriors , he look after another 37 points and 36 points , also includes a note quasi- lore . Maybe this season, he could no longer lead the team to get another 27 -game winning streak , but he struggle with MVP Durant also enough to attract people's attention. Third place: Blake Griffin ( Clippers ) Last week: Third In the week before the All-Star Game , Griffin's(Jordan Super.Fly 2 Supernova) performance a little bit worse than the previous two , the last five games, he averaged 11.0 rebounds and scored 35.4 points and four assists , and shooting reached 61% , free throw percentage is also 71%. Of course, this might be Paul's comeback with a certain relationship , but his performance is the Clippers most want to see , and the only way they have a chance to impact the championship . Fourth place: Paul George ( Pacers ) Last week: Fourth All-Star Game , George(Air Jordan 6) is not a time for rest , he has a lot of things to do in New Orleans. This season, in the case of at least three days rest , he can play very good data in the next game , this game has appeared five times , George averaged 53 percent shooting to get 27.2 points , and recently he is obviously a little tired, the last seven games he averaged only 17.3 points , shooting only 35%. Fifth place: LaMarcus Aldridge ( Portland) Last week: Fifth The last five games, averaging 20 points and 9 Adelaide rebounds, which this season has been with him doing the same. So far the season , he averaged 23.9 points 11.4 rebounds, has become the league players Adelaide , being the pioneer to carry on their shoulders forward.
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