Nike Free 5.0 Outdoor Run Initial Report

Nike Free 5.0 Outdoor Run Initial ReportI must be honest. Its been a while since Ive ran. I think the last time I ran was when I first tested the Nike Free 5.0 on a treadmill as well as compared it to my normal Asics athletic shoes. Since Ive been a lazy ass I decided to interrupt out the new Nike 5.0 running shoes and provide them this time an outdoor running assessment. Verdict: Im in poor condition, but my feet feel pretty good.considering. 

A little background about my run. I decided to run for around 30 minutes outside which at my slow out-of-shape rates are about involved a ten minute mile. If you do the mathematics it was just about 3 miles. The running was on sidewalk and streets.

The very first thing you see when wearing the Nike Free 5.0s may be the Nike LunarGlide 5 tongue design. Im not sure if all new footwear is carrying this out, but one side of the tongue is actually part of the shoe. So getting a snug fit is not that big of a problem since the tongue is generally in the right place. With some of my older shoes the tongue would move all over the place which would then cause discomfort. Apart from that after they are on they feel pretty snug. I wore socks with them despite the fact that Nike says you can run barefoot inside them. Id rather not have smelly shoesif I'm able to avoid it.

Off on my small run I began. During the first mile I attempted focusing on running more of a mid Nike Free 3.0 V5 strike style (ie not landing so much on my heels). Doing this was a little uncomfortable, due to the fact I dont think my feet were so used into it and I could slowly tell certain parts of my feet getting a little fatigued (this might be also due to my lack of exercise). I made a decision to change back to the way i normally run. I figure this way I can better evaluate over the haul whether these shoes help me with my shin or knee issues that Ive had in yesteryear with my athletic shoes.

Throughout the end of my 3rd mile I had been beginning to feel some soreness/fatigue on the Nike Free Run 3 Womens Coral inside of my foot bone. Im unsure what its exactly called, but its the bone that kind of juts out right under the joint that connects your leg bone for your foot (sorry for my lack of bone knowledge). There was discomfort there also it may have been because of my trying to run "barefoot" style or might be associated with my becoming accustomed to these new shoes. Knees were just a little sore as well with this point. Also from exploring the anatomy from the hip my Sartorius muscle was sore.

At this point its difficult to gauge whether these footwear prevent injuries since i have was feeling a little sore. The biggest problem so far is always that I havent run in such a long time and then chose to run 3 miles without slowly working up to it. Not the neatest idea. More consistent running will be a better gauge. I was just happy I finished the three miles.
Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 02/28/2014 - 4:05am.
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