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"We have an agenda to christian louboutin discount transform this nation and to fulfill and ensure that we fully implement our new Constitution. A good part is to ensure we effectively implement our devolved government. This is largely not going to be the work of the senate or parliament but of all of us," said when he addressed a retreat for Jubilee Coalition and affiliate parties' elected leaders in Naivasha. The President-elect acknowledged that there will be teething problems in the implementation of devolution, adding that christian louboutin wedding shoes the responsibility of leaders is not to blame one another but to find solutions to these challenges. President-elect Kenyatta said he and Deputy President-elect William Ruto are fully committed to ensuring that the Constitution is fully implemented especially with regard to devolution. "We must never forget why people wanted devolution. People wanted devolution in order to ensure equitable development is availed to every corner of this country and as a means of taking services closer louboutin outlet online to the people," the President-elect said. He pointed out that Parliament and the executive have a duty and responsibility to ensure Kenyans achieved the objectives of devolution, saying that the intended goals will be achieved through partnership and not through political bickering and chest- thumping. Transition Authority chairman Kinuthia Wamwangi who attended the swearing in ceremony in Nairobi said the counties will be entitled to 15 percent of the national revenue. He called on all Kenyans to cheap louboutin shoes familiarize themselves with the working of county governments so that they may benefit fully from them. "The new two-tier system of government introduces a new threshold for investment through counties and consequently enhances economic growth and services to the citizens," he said. Kenyans witnessed the much publicized election of speakers to the county assemblies last week while the swearing of governors and their support staff later in the week will herald full operation of county christian louboutin outlet online governments. Wamwangi dispelled fears that there will be confusion in this transition period and emphasized that officials to manage county governments have been well briefed on their duties and responsibilities. "We have visited all the 47 counties to conduct orientation sessions with the elected county representatives. They are fully briefed on what is expected of their new offices," said Wamwangi. The Transition Authority has identified offices to be occupied by the representatives of http://www.moyle-council.org/partnership/?p=80-mbt-kisumu-sandals county governments while ministries have started dispatching officials to oversee public services at county level.
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