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on TV and learning how sdcf12 Ways to Make a Killer First Impression In the business world, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Will others see you as meek, ill mannered, and inexperienced or confident, courteous, and cheap louboutins curious? It's up to you. Here are 12 ways not to blow that platinum opportunity. Everyone has a power color. Listen to your friends when they compliment you on a color you're wearing. Chances are, you've accidentally stumbled on your power shade, the color that's very flattering to you. Now go out and buy wardrobe pieces, jewelry, and accessories in that mulberry sale uk exact color. 2. Look sharp. You don't have to have the looks of a supermodel to impress professional colleagues. You simply have to be well put together. Make sure your shoes are unscuffed, your suit or dress is pressed, and your jewelry and accessories are members of the same family. Pay particular attention to your eyebrows, hair, skin, and nails, whether louboutin outlet uk you're male or female. 3. Talk good, er, speak well. A strong regional accent may hold you back professionally. Lose the accent by listening to your favorite news announcer on TV and learning how to emulate his or her neutral pronunciation. Enunciate your words. Avoid slang. Speak in whole sentences and use proper grammar. 4. Use "power words." Power cheap louboutins words are words or phrases that instantly cause your listener to perk up and take notice. Here are a few words people love to hear in professional settings: detail oriented, hard working, high energy, organized, quick study, team player, fastidious, results, fostered excellent relationships, people skills, research skills, and leadership. 5. Be prada bags on salepositive. The very first question you'll field in any setting, whether it's a client meeting or a job interview, is "How are you?" Many people blow it, but you won't. Pause before blurting out a one word reply. People love a real answer, especially if it's upbeat. Don't say, "Fine, except this heat is killing me." Say, "It's mbt sandals impossible to complain about anything on a beautiful summer day. I'm genuinely happy to be here." 6. Prep for it. One of the best ways to make a killer first impression is to ask informed questions demonstrating that you've done your homework. For a job interview, research mulberry sale uk the company ahead of time. For a networking event, know something about key players by visiting their social media site or reading their bio online. If you aren't sure whom you'll meet, come prepared with some industry specific news that makes a good conversation starter. 7. Appear calm. One way not to seem nervous is to arrive fifteen minutes early so louis vuitton sale you have a few minutes in your car or in the bathroom to compose yourself. WYL0428 cheap dr dre beats cheap beats by dre studio cheap beats by dre solo


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