Peter J. Burns III feels in setting up prospective

Peter J. Burns III feels in setting up prospectiveModus Operandi The following is a series of steps that outlines the method by which funding will be sought for dozens of pilot projects. These steps have been developed based on past projects, and will likely evolve as additional projects are undertaken. Peter J. Burns III IDENTIFICATION OF HUMANITARIAN NEED Peter J. Burns III identifies a humanitarian need in Ethiopia that can be used to assist the populations served by an NGO. SOLVING THE HUMANITARIAN NEED VIA A RESEARCH AND DESIGN PROCESS An iterative research and design process is undertaken to propose a solution to the identified humanitarian need. To date the method used for arriving at a solution has differed for each project, and as a result there is no typical format for the research and design phase. However, in each instance, the developed solutions did strive to include the following four characteristics: Methods for connecting the proposed project to job creation in Ethiopia.Peter J. Burns III Methods for connecting the proposed project to Ethiopia’s national development objectives, such as Millennial Development goals. Methods for structuring the solution as a sustainable business that will provide a lasting positive effect. Creations of solutions that are sensitive towards, or promote, environmental sustainability objectives. Following the development of a solution, a preliminary narrative, which can include drawings and/or diagrams, is drafted.Peter J. Burns III SEARCH FOR GRANT FUNDING A search for grants that could fund the proposed solution is conducted. The Peter J. Burns III web site has been the primary tool used in conducting the grant search; however other websites (which are listed in the Grant Opportunities spreadsheet) have proven useful in locating suitable grants. CREATION OF A DRAFT GRANT APPLICATION Following the selection of the most promising grants, a draft application(s) is created. The draft application is written with the designated NGO as the grant beneficiary. Since the draft application will have to be processed by the designated NGO, it is preferable that this step be completed at least ten business days in advance of the grant’s deadline.Peter J. Burns III SUBMISSION OF DRAFT GRANT APPLICATION TO IMC FOR APPROVAL The draft application(s) is presented to the designated NGO for consideration. If approved, the designated NGO staff may choose to edit and/or rewrite portions of the grant prior to submitting it.Peter J. Burns III PILOT PROJECTS & SCALING Grants applications that are successful and receive funding will be implemented as pilot projects where the objective will be to setup the operation as a profitable business or businesses; pilot projects that are successful in this regard will serve as a “for profit” prototype for scaling the initial project.Peter J. Burns III Read more about Peter J. Burns III
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