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The shilling prada outlet is currently exchanging at an average of 87 against the U.S. dollar, 138 against sterling pound and 116 against the euro. The unit dropped from an average of 85 against the dollars some months ago. The euro forms the largest share of Kenya's external debt portfolio at 33 percent followed by the dollar at 32 percent. The Japanese yen's debt portfolio stands at 15 percent, the sterling pound 5 percent and the Chinese yuan 6 percent. "Official creditors account for 91 percent prada outlet online of the total public and publicly guaranteed external debt, out of which debts owed to multilateral creditors stand at 6 billion dollars, including 44.5 million dollars guaranteed debt owed to International Development Association, dominate the portfolio (61 percent of the total)," said the report. The Bilateral debt stands at 3 billion dollars (31 percent of the total) and in the multilateral category, the IDA, the African Development Bank and the International Monetary prada handbags sale Fund account for the largest proportion of external credit, while Japan, France and Germany are the leading creditors in the bilateral category. As of June, Japan's debt stood at 450 million dollars, down from 740 million dollars in June 2012. Most of the external loans are used to fund the energy, infrastructure and information and technology sectors at 36 percent, followed by general labor and economic affairs at 20 percent, public administration at 14 percent and cheap designer handbags agriculture 11 percent. Environmental conservation gets 8 percent while health and education sectors each get about 6 percent. "Projected cumulative external debt service for the period ending June stood at 432 million dollars. Principal and interest projections for the month of June were 26 million dollars and 12 million dollars respectively," noted the analysis. "Multilateral and bilateral creditors constituted 48 percent and 45 percent of the cumulative projected debt service respectively during discount designer bags the period under review." The report shows Kenya's domestic debt, which in the period under review was 12.2 billion dollars, is mainly held in Treasury bonds and bills. "The composition of the domestic debt as at end June was that 71 percent was in Treasury Bonds, 26 percent in Treasury bills while the balance is mainly held in government overdraft at the Central Bank of Kenya," said the report. The domestic debt holding, according to the report, is in line with the East prada bags on sale Africa's nation debt strategy. "The structure of the holding is consistent with the debt strategy of holding more domestic debt on longer dated instruments to minimize refinancing risk and promote development of domestic markets for government securities," said the analysis.
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