PTFE Filter Fabrics and Teflon Coated Fiberglass Belt perform effectively at high temperature

The PTFE is a magic material extensively used to make the coating to enhance the efficiency of the filter fabrics. PTFE is non-wetting, non-stick, friction-free, non-brittle, non-toxic and anti corrosive material. It is non-flammable and resistant to fungus growth. It consists of high thermal resistance ranging from -200°c to 350°c. The PTFE Filter Fabrics are used to fabricate the high quality filter bag. It is used in highly corrosive atmosphere and also for the high temperature application.

The pulse jet filter bags are highly efficient filter bags contains high thermal resistance. It is fabricated from best quality material. The Pulse Jet Filter Bags are highly demanded in various industries for the dust collectors. It is perfect suitable to every kinds of dust collector. It is widely used in chemical industry, petrochemical industries and cement industry. The efficiency of the bags can be enhanced by the various types of the coating and finishes. It is also used for the recovery of the precious products. The pulse jet filter bags are available in various coatings, fabrics, sizes and configuration.

The Teflon Coated Fiberglass Belt is highly demanded for the variety of industrial applications. Teflon is the high thermal resistant material, efficiently works at high temperature. Teflon is non-brittle, friction-free, non-toxic, non-wetting, non-stick, and anti corrosive material. It is non-flammable. The Teflon coated fiberglass belt is exclusively used in food Industry due to its property of resistance to fungus growth
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