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I take this Jushui into my home,Ralph Polo Outlet, bring all my familiar strange friends, I bring all my loved hated, hated my people loved me, I want to tell them that in this in front of a shallow Jushui we all calculations and plots, all the love and hate, all of the gain and loss is so small and insignificant. I want all to know I do not know my name and the name of the people, and I re-establish on a river, on a mother's love and respect.

Our mother river, the Nile long she did not Amazon long,Ralph Outlet Online, no longer the Yangtze River, is no longer the Mississippi River,Polo Outlet, the Yellow River is no longer, no Lancang - Mekong long, no longer the Volga River, but in our hearts,Ralph Lauren Shirts, she is the most beautiful the most spectacular broad river. She nurtured a love nurtured as hate, love and hate intertwined,Ralph Lauren Sweaters, we have ushered in a new dawn and another at dusk. This is the mother of generations gives us a unique gift never fade. Now, when I face this shallow a CSC, the gratitude of my heart once again set off an avalanche of waves.

From Taebaek top down, the sun has slipped to the West. She looked at me in a place far,Cheap Ralph Lauren Sale, mouth hanging golden smile, but I was a long time immersed in the recollection of the rows in the Origin. My eyes,Ralph Outlet, flashed that wearing red jacket, ordinary and plain black trousers and cotton-padded shoes woman, and she made ​​me enthusiastic about the introduction of the Huaihe River, just like a good and honest mother. My eyes,Polo Outlet Online, flashed a source that respect Tongbaishan Huaihe beautiful body sculpting, her long hair, has been dragged on the ground from her hands, like a waterfall pouring, like soup month photos,Ralph Lauren Polo, like fine mind, blurt out loud like Zhang Yin. She leisurely, her graceful and elegant, her graceful, she Chan and impressive.

Like I have long admired her lover,Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet, like every young,Ralph Lauren UK, charming mother, like Huai River levee every ordinary and hard-working motherhood. I learned from her,http://www.ralph-laurenpolos.com/, saw the light of the sun, moon light, star light, saw the shadow of the hundreds of millions of years on this fertile land endless great ancestors. Her body, embodied time,Ralph Lauren Outlet Online, the combination of love, embodied expectations for the future.A gust of wind gently blowing, the wind seemed to drift in that Jushui self storage, since that seems to float exhort woman wearing a red cotton-padded jacket, as if floating from the distant and beyond the call of the home, as if floating from sources that respect the beautiful sculpting Huaihe waterfall pouring hair. Against the wind, I gently closed his eyes......

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