Ray Allen career total score beyond Iverson

Ray Allen career total score beyond IversonAs he saved the Heat in the sixth game of the finals last season , Ray Allen(Air Jordan 11 Two Rings Ray Allen PE) today again with the third to help the team win . Home 113-104 to beat the Rockets , ending two -game losing streak . "Ray 's great, " Wade said after the game , "he shot did not need much time and space(Air Jordan 11 GS Space Jam), we just need to spread the ball in his hands , he can hit the ball , his presence today too great a role on ! " Following the game after 22 minutes , Allen firepower still today , 11 of his 25 points in 7 , created his personal single-game high score in Miami . In fact, Allen's breakthrough more than that. Earlier overall score 24,345 career points with Allen's 25 points today , successful beyond Allen Iverson ( 24,368 points ) , becoming the 21st of NBA history total score players . "For the pitcher , it is sometimes a maximal score is not so easy, because you have to wait for a teammate 's pass , " Heat(Nike LeBron 11 BHM) coach Erik Spoelstra said, "I do not know is how to do mine but I see him at the training ground yesterday voted in more than 1,000 one-third , and this is his efforts ! this is his leadership ! " 1000 one-third of what the concept is , in general NBA players, the usual practice after training plus 200 -thirds are trained hand pain . Due to continuous play Allen today to Heat locker room after the game so he has more than James interviewed reporters , tiers , to his locker crammed. Allen exposed material, his 1000 three-pointers in the Heat yesterday before the team 's training is completed , that is, after he cast finished third, also participated in the team's normal training . " When I voted yesterday did not feel so good , so we bid a little too much , I just want to get back the rhythm , " Allen said in his 4 of 6 from beyond the arc , with one-third of the critical moment to help the Heat Today seal the victory. "Ray Allen is the greatest pitcher , when he found the rhythm of the time , nobody could locked him," Chris Bosh said he Trey 6 2 today , get 18 points and eight rebounds. "I just have never been able to understand why they ( opponents ) have been space -thirds vote to let the two of them , they are throwing the ball in, " James said.
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