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Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals > Galaxy Note 2 offers all of the finest attributes of the popular Galaxy S3 with an even bigger touchscreen & the stylus permitting for all forms of fresh possibilities. samsung galaxy s4 deals For the previous few weeks we have placed the Galaxy Note 2 through its paces and this is what we have to say. Design wise this smart phone is a mixed bag. It is all plasticky lay out does not seem bad, though it does not seem as astounding as the aluminum design on the iPhone 5 or the uni body layout of the Samsung Galaxy S4+. It also can become a tad slippery several times, & the plastic case can be scratched quite conveniently if it drops out of the pocket & does not possess a case on it. mobile phone deals Obviously when users think of the Note 2, they are truly thinking about the 5.5inch touchscreen and its inconvenience.The South Korean mobile maker understands this & they've performed a grand job at making the smart phone very portable that anyone can hold it conveniently in one hand & fit it comfy in the pockets.
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