Silicone Coated Hose Pipe has its applications in dryer, heater, air conditioning, vehicle exhaust and many more

Woven filter bags are efficiently perform at the high temperature and it is highly demanded for the various industrial applications. It is the non-shrinking filter bags with high intensity. It is used for the filtration purpose, also at the high temperature. The Woven Filter Bags are highly durable bags. The woven filter bags are used in steel plant, power plant, textiles, pharmacy, plastic and chemical industries.

Fiberglass Silicone Coated Hose Pipe is used in the hot air conveying system due to its high thermal resistance. It is also used in direct heater, vehicle exhaust, automotive and tiles and machinery. It is used in dryers like hoper dryer, dehumidified air dryer and plastic machinery drying. It efficiently works in computer cooling and ventilation. The fiberglass and silicon are the ideal raw material for the fabrication of the single ply Fiberglass Silicone Coated Hose Pipe is extensively used in tiles and ceramic machinery and air conditioning. It is also used in the multi layer film printing.

The RABH Filter Bags (reverse air bag house type filter bags) are efficiently perform in various industries like cement and rock processing, iron and steel production, boiler, waste incinerator etcetera. The polluted air of high temperature is subject to clean by reverse air bag house – RABH. The fiber glass filter bags and PTFE membrane filter bags are highly suitable the RABH. Considering the concentration of the dust, the type of filter bag is decided
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