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Mombasa the country's cheap timberland boots second largest city and a major tourist spot is one of various cities targeted by a series of grenade attacks and abduction of foreigners in recent months. There is no doubt among South Africans that their country is at the pole position to reap the benefits of its membership to BRICS, the world's latest multilateral body expected to realign the global politics of economy. What is in doubt however is whether the country's human resource adequate to supply enough skilled louboutin outlet uk workers to projects and industries that will come up. None other than the country's President Jacob Zuma is spending sleepless nights as he seeks to find a solution on how to create a mass of skilled workers, as the country depends on migrant workers to fill the skills gaps in some professions even today. "We have 3.2 million young people that required to be trained to have skills to that they are either employable or can start their own enterprises," President Zuma louboutin wedding shoes told other BRICS leaders during the just concluded 5th BRICS Summit in Durban South Africa. Research by Adcorp Holdings of South Africa indicates that the highly skilled categories suffering the greatest skilled shortages are in senior management; the professions like medicine, engineering, accounting and the law; technical occupations like specialised technicians and artisans; and agriculture. The research showed that there are currently as many as 829, 800 unfilled positions hermes birkin replica for high-skilled workers across a wide range of occupations in South Africa. The research was carried out in April 2012. President Zuma said South Africa will borrow from the experiences of other BRICS members to build a sustainable vocational training system. A chat with any of South African business person reveals the same fears; the country has no adequate skilled manpower. Skilled workers are imported from adjacent southern African countries as far as Kenya, the economic powerhouse of mbt shoes East Africa. Prof. Hlengiwe Mkhize is the Deputy Minister of Economic Development in South Africa. Among her responsibilities is to increase the skills training among the youth. "It is a challenge that we are now giving a lot of attention as a country," she said. South Africa's National Development Plan Vision 2030 appreciates the role vocational training and has made a raft of recommendations on how the country should achieve sustainable and relevant vocational training system. According discount timberland boots to Pro Mkhize, the Brazilian model of technical training institutes that are government financed is one of the models that the country will borrow from.
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