Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth and Teflon Conveyor Belt are the long lasting products

The PTFE is such a material having remarkable physical and chemical properties. It is non-stick, non-brittle, and non-wetting, and non-toxic, non-flammable material. It is an ideal material to support the filter bag due to these characteristics. The PTFE Filter Bags perform efficiently at high temperature and in high corrosive atmosphere. Due to the smooth layer of filter bag, the complete dust cake is found. The more cleaning cycles are found. It effectively retains the finer particulates. It is also widely used to retain the precious metals.

The Teflon coated fiberglass cloth is used to manufacture the highly efficient dust collector filter bags. It is ideal media for the dust collection.The Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth consists of good characteristic of materials, Teflon and fiberglass. Teflon is anticorrosive, non-wetting, non-toxic, non-brittle and abrasion resistant material. Fiberglass also consist the good physical and chemical properties. The Teflon coated fiberglass filter bags are widely used in cement plant, power plant, chemical industry, steel industry, collection of the ash from thermo electric unit.

The Teflon Conveyor Belt is widely used in conveyor system. It is especially used to move the material or product to one end from the other end. The Teflon is the wear and tear resistant material.

The belt is provided with the sealed and sewn edges. The edges can be preventing from the damage or fraying by the proper tracking. The Teflon is resistant to fungal growth, so Teflon belt is widely used in food industry.
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