The complete dust cake by the PTFE Membrane Filter Bags

The PTFE is the non-wetting, non-brittle, and non-flammable, anti friction, resistant to many atmospheric conditions. The PTFE contains good electrical properties. It has wide working temperature range of 200°c to 350°c. The PTFE membrane is laminated to another filter media to enhance the filtration efficiency. The PTFE membrane enhances the capacity of the collection of the finer dust and the more complete dust cake found on the PTFE membrane surface. The PTFE Membrane Filter Bags also enhances the product recovery. The complete dust cake helps to reduce the pressure drop. The reduced pressure drop helps most to save the energy and the effective cleaning cycle. It is a wear and tear proof filter bag having long service life.

The Non Woven Filter Bags are of many types of filter bags like the polyester, nylon, PP, PE, PTFE, NOMEX, fiber glass, etc. the non woven filter bags are available in different thickness for the different applications. It is used for the air filtration, liquid filtration and for the retaining of the costly powder. It is the made up of the anti static filter media. The non woven filter bags are acid resistant and alkali resistant filter bags. It has excellent wear and tear resistance.
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