The effective Air Pollution Control system makes the air free from pollutants

The effective Air Pollution Control system makes the air free from pollutantsThe Air Blowers are used in many industries as well as in the household applications. It is used in foundries, plastic industries, chemical industries, cement industries, paper industry, fertilizers, steel plants, petrochemical plants etc.

The Filter Bag is important component for the dust collection system. The filter bag is used for the filtration of the dusty and pollutant gas and also to recover the precious products. There are many types of the dust collector filter bags are seen in the market like woven, non-woven, fiberglass, cement plant, PPS ryton, nomex, pulse jet, boiler and PTFE membrane filter bag.

The impure air enters the Dust Collector, and passes through the filter. The filter retains the dust particles on the surface. The bag filter allows the filtered air to pass through the system. The dust cake forms after some applications. The dust cake should be removed for the better performance of the dust collector.

The Air Pollution Control System is used to remove the unwanted particulates from the exhausted air. In many industries like power generation, plastics, steel, chemicals, cement, textiles and pharmaceutical, the polluted air generates during various processes. The polluted air should be cleaned before the emission. The air pollution control system is also called the bag house.
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