The effective performance of the high temperature filter bags

The effective performance of the high temperature filter bagsThe selection of the proper filter bag is very necessary for the efficient cleaning. The durability and efficiency of the filter bag directly affect the quality performance of the plant.

For the cement plant, the highly efficient bag filter is required. Ideal filter media for the cement mill is Acrylic, polyester felt and PTFE membrane filter bags. The fiberglass filter bags with different types of coating, gives the best result for the cement plant. These filter bags are ideally works at the high temperature. These cement plant filter bag consists of the high tensile strength.

The high temperature filter bags are mainly used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical plant, mining industry. Many materials are used to manufacture the high temperature filter bags. The aramid fabric is proven long lasting fabric. The aramid fabric is wear and tear resistant. It is the heat resistant fabric with very higher melting point. The PTFE coated filter bags and Nomex filter bags are also used at higher temperature.

The dust collector bags have its domestic uses as well as the industrial uses. In many industries, the air or gas produced after the production contains the dust particles and other impurities. The polluted air generates during the various manufacturing procedures. Many industries like the power generation, plastics, steel, chemicals, cement, textiles, and pharmaceutical etcetera produces the polluted air, with their product. The dust collector filter bags are used in the dust collector. The dust collectors are used for the emission of the polluted particulates and unwanted particles.
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