The effective performance of the high temperature filter bags

The effective performance of the high temperature filter bagsThe best suitable filter media highly affects the pressure drop and production rate. The ideal filter media enhances the particulate emissions and energy consumption. It also affects the maintenance cost, total cost and down time.

The fiberglass filter bag can be used at high temperature after applying some special treatment. The fiber glass filter bags are widely used for the various applications. It is used to get back or retain the costly industrial product. It is also used in cement industry, chemical plant, power plant etcetera. It can be work efficiently up to 300° c temperature.

The fiber glass fabric is coated with various types of material to enhance its capacity. One of them is PTFE. The PTFE coated filter bags contains the smooth surface and has an easy dust cake release. The coating leads the long service life of the bag filter.

The pulse jet filter bag is used for the emission of the dust particles from the exhausted air. It is used for the dry separation of the unwanted particles from the air. In some industries the pulse jet filters are used as the pollution control system. The perfect and suitable filter bag helps to maintain the regular air flow and enhances the work ability of the plant. It also helps in lower down the cost of electric consumption and maintenance cost.

There are various types of dust collector bag depending upon the manufacturing material. the dust collector filter bags are available in polyester, polypropylene, PPS (ryton), Nomex, fiber glass, PTFE etcetera.
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