The Membrane Filter Bags and Nomex Filter Bags are the high temperature bags

The Membrane Filter Bags are filter bags with enhanced functions. The membrane gives support to the filter bag and can efficiently perform at the high temperature ranging from -200°c to 350°c. The PTFE is used to fabricate the membrane filter bag. The PTFE is a material with applicable physical and chemical properties. The complete dust cake is found on the wall of the filter bag.

The efficient Membrane Filter Bags lead the more cleaning cycles, and been capable to filter the much finer dust.

Fusing belts are the conveyor belts used for the shifting the material or products from one end to another end of the space. It is made from rubber, steel, fiberglass and many more. To enhance the capacity of the belt certain coatings and finishes are applied to the belt. Fiber glass is very suitable material to make the fusion belt. The coating of the PTFE to the fiberglass fabric enhances the efficiency of the belts. The PTFE coated fiberglass Fusion Belt performs best at the high temperature. It is anti abrasion, non-wettable, non- stick and non-toxic fusion belts. It is extensively used for the food industry due to its anti fungal capacity.

The nomex filter bags are the efficient filter bags perform well at the high temperature, up to 240°c. The Nomex Filter Bags are made from the staple fiber. It is fire retardant filter bags consists of the anti corrosive properties. It is the filter bag with anti break properties having low pressure drop.
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