The multipurpose liquid filling and Auger Type Powder Filling Machines of high quality

The multipurpose liquid filling and Auger Type Powder Filling Machines of high qualityThe Volumetric Linear Liquid Filling Machine is made of the high grade material, while its components like slat conveyor and syringe are made o the SS material. The machine consists of the self centric devices for the reciprocating nozzles. The container is moved and placed bellow the nozzles to fill the desired amount of the liquid. The machine is also consists of the pneumatic holder, to hold the container and dosing block to set the fill size with proper manner. There is no wastage or spillage of the container occurs, due to the perfect arrangement of the systems and nozzles. More over the liquid is filled with the nozzles from downward to the neck slowly, to minimize the foaming.

The Sealing Capping Machine is especially designed for the quick and perfect threading and sealing. The container height gauge is adjustable. The height of the conveyor belt is also adjustable. The platform turret, conveyor and the star wheel are provided with the one synchronized motor and A/C drive. All exposed part of the machine are made sturdy by hard chrome plating. It is provided with self lubricating UHMW-PE guide. The sealing machine and the capping machine are simultaneously works for the better function.

The Auger Type Powder Filling Machine is highly demanded in the pharmaceutical industry. It is available with matt finished body with sturdy construction. The machine is provided with the bottle guide for the precise matching of bottle below the center of the auger. There is no chance of wastage of the product and spillage of the bottle due to the precise mechanism. The machine is consists of the no bottle no fill system. All contact parts of the machine is of SS 316.
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