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this invisible rule that was dfYou don't think of the swindler as just a fellow animal who happens to behave differently than you. You think he should have acted some other way, according to an invisible ideal that everybody is aware louboutin outlet uk of and knows they should obey. When that "boob at the Super Bowl" incident happened a while back, I constantly heard atheists making fun of Christians and their puritan silliness over sex. "Come on! It's just meat! We're all just mammals! Sex is natural! What are you afraid of?!?!?" Yet, the moment you find out that while you were on vacation, your girl got christian louboutin sale drunk and slept with the entire Chicago Bears. Suddenly it's not just meat slapping against meat. Suddenly the exclusive sexual bond between you and your girl was important, was to be protected, was almost. sacred. Again there's this invisible rule that was supposed to be followed, that everybody was supposed to be aware of, that can't be proven by logic. Whatever christian louboutin wedding shoes it is, wherever you think it came from, you can't deny that it's there. Your own behavior would make you a liar. Well, at the very worst, the Christians are just taking that same moral impulse and applying it to the God question. At the creation of the universe, they expect to find the same invisible hand christian louboutins that pushes us to be fair and loyal and kind. If they're wrong about God, they're only wrong in that they've taken that absolute morality and put a face on it, made an idol out of it. Taken it one step too far. You think of it that way, and the amount of overlap between the two of us is actually pretty striking. Right? This is an easy cheap christian louboutin one. I shouldn't lose anybody here. All you need is examples. Atheists, you can despise a Falwell or the gay funeral protesting guy, but you've known Christians who did it right. Famous ones like Martin Luther King Jr., or just common ones you've run christian louboutin bridal across who seem to have an inexaustible well of generosity and good cheer. You know how many charities have crosses on their logo. Christians. look. The church loves to phrase it like: "The faithful will be joined with their father in Heaven, while the liars, the murderous, the treacherous will be cast down with Satan and his hordes." See the gap christian louboutin pigalle there, between the first part of the statement and the second? What about all the people in between? The atheists and Muslims and Buddhists and Scientologists who aren't murderous or treacherous or liars? I understand the concept, that all morality comes from God and thus those on the outside are vulnerable to temptation and the devil and all that. But you know good people who aren't believers. I know you do. You see a friend holding a christian louboutin discount newborn baby and you say, "You know, there's a chance he'll die tomorrow." Or you stand over the casket at your uncle's funeral and say, "He'll definitely be consuming fewer of the world's natural resources now." WYL0426 prada sale prada outlet uk prada bags on sale

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