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uld mulberry outlet online have gotteZYour customers want a buying experience that is pleasant to them. That discount timberland boots means that as soon as they enter your store, or your website, or wherever you do business, you are responsible for what happens. The hotel didn cause those idiots on the fourth floor to get sloppy drunk and make fools of themselves, but since that bad behavior detracted from the customer experience, it was the hotel responsibility. Someone trips your on the curb in front of your store, it your job to go help that person up, and not because you fear a lawsuit! Take ownership, and surprise customers into unconscious loyalty. 6. Protect the Customer. Who do you protect him from? Many times, himself. The best story I can think of comes from fabled sales mulberry handbags outlet trainer Zig Ziglar, who told the story of a bicycle shop owner who refused to sell a bicycle to a grandmother, a lady demanding to be sold to, because the bike she wanted for her grandson might prove dangerous to the child. His legs were too short and his feet couldn reach the pedals. Even though in this story the grandma left in a huff, most people will appreciate that kind of integrity. Imagine the impact on the people in the store who witnessed this non transaction not take place. For you mulberry factory outlet this might mean (OMIGOD!) pointing out a comparable special to a customer waiting to buy an item in your store. The long term effects of your action will more than outweigh the short term gain of a few extra bucks, trust me. 7. Empower Subordinates. Look, time is of the essence to the customer. The one thing I hate more than anything is when I am overcharged by twenty seven cents (or some other trivial problem) and the clerk has to go find the store manager to refund my mulberry handbags sale money. That is zero empowerment, and it not only wastes my time but also makes me feel like a schmuck for even bringing the mistake up. At the Ocean City hotel, the reason I had to go back to the front desk three times is because the managers were not empowered to do anything about my situation. I had to wait for the general manager to come in. 8. Continually Add Value. Gag me with a pitchfork, he said Add Value! You can call it anything you like. When a customer buys the suede upholstery, ask mulberry clutch them, without a hard sell, if they have considered a method of cleaning and caring for the material. You have a kit that will do the job if she interested. When the customer who buys the PC has a confused look on his face, you write down instructions and a diagram of how to set it up when he gets home, even though that information might be contained in the box. a second, Karl, no one else would do that kind of thing! Now you getting it. 9. Anticipate Unmet Needs. Similar to number 2, this is where mulberry outlet york website you empathize with the customer, putting yourself in her shoes, and ask the question, would make this customer experience perfect? Let go back to the hotel. When we checked in we asked for the available room with the best view of the bay. There were several available that might have qualified, so the clerk tried something on the fifth floor, telling us to come back to the desk if it wasn suitable. Good, but not WOW. Suppose the bellman would have entered the room with us when we prada handbags sale arrived and went to the balcony. He would have immediately seen that this view was a lot further from the waterline than anyone thought, and offered to move our stuff to one of the closer, more available units. WOW! We did move, but on our own accord. Yawn. 10. Reward Customer Loyalty. 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