Uniform labeling on the different size of round containers by automatic wrap around labeling machinery

The Automatic Wrap Around Labeling Machinery is widely used in pharmaceutical industry. It is also used for different applications in many other industries. The machine is commonly used to full or partial wrap around labeling on the different size of the round containers. It contains the roller spacing device. The machine needs not any change part. There are various types of the coder like hot foil coder, HP cartridge coder and inkjet coder are provided for the various speed ranges. The machine contains PLC control with color or mono touch screen with digital display to show various error messages and information.

The Dry Syrup Filling Machine Manufacturer builds this compact and versatile model from stainless steel on the welded MS frame. The machine contains SS conveyor belt and pneumatic holder to move and hold the containers respectively. The specific amount of powder is filled by the auger shaft. The machine contains all contact parts of SS 316 materials. Machine works with accuracy of about +/- 3%.

Inspection conveyor is fabricated from high grade stainless steel material. It contains the visual inspection background of alternate black and white color. The Inspection Conveyor is specially made for the inspection and observation of the container to verify the perfection of the filling, sealing, capping and other routine quality check up. The GMP model of the machine contains the UHMW self-lubricating guide below the chain. It is also contains the direct gear drive and self-alignment bearing.
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