Water Softener Salt Manufacturer improves the cleaning efficiency

Water Softener Salt Manufacturer improves the cleaning efficiencyThe Water Softener Salt Manufacturer manufactures the salt, which is also called the salt pebbles or salt tablet.The water softener salt is mainly used for cleaning water in houses, hotels, institutes, industries, hospitals and offices. The tablet salt are used to purify the hard water, but is mainly used in the water softeners for softening the water in households, hotels and hospitals. It is also used in the boilers, water heaters, pipes, showers and dish washers. The tablet salt is used in serving, maintenance and replacement of boilers. The tablet salt improves the service life of such apparatus. The soft water improves the cleaning efficiency of the water by reducing the consumption of the detergent and soap.

We manufacture about 300 tons tablet salt per month. We supply the same to over 200 industries in many countries like Kuwait, oman, bahrin, doha, Vietnam, Singapore, UAE and UK. The tablet salt is available in heavy gauge bag. We also pack the product in 10 kg handle bag or 25 or 50 kg HDPE woven bag.

• available in round shape
• salty in taste
• it has no smell
• contains 99.60 % purity
• 20 mm diameter with 8 mm height
• Export packing also available with stripe and cover
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