When Durant will face the pressure to win? James: Waiting for my retirement

When Durant will face the pressure to win? James: Waiting for my retirementAccording to the United States " bleachers sports" reported that since entering the league , LeBron James's(Nike LeBron 11 Championship Customs) shoulder has been saddled with enormous pressure to win . In contrast, Kevin Durant pressure in this regard will be much smaller . A recent interview , James admitted that perhaps until after his retirement , he has to bear the pressure to win will be transferred to Durant 's body. "When I retired ." When asked Durant(Nike KD 6 MC Mambacurial) will face when externally imposed pressure to win , James replied, " are still talking about the outside world and still , when I will win third championship rings ? you know . " "But I think that he is obviously an incredible player ." Arch rival and friend for Durant on the court , James(Nike Lebron 10 MVP) has been highly evaluated , " I do not believe that winning a championship is to define your career the sole criterion . has historically not been a lot of players are coming to win , which is indeed very unfortunate for them ." "I do not know him ( Durant ) from when will face the pressure to win ." James continued, " I hope he does not come , I do not think he should go through these things , he was Ekelahe Thunder horse of the city as well as the contribution of teammate people feel amazing. as for what will happen in the future , we will wait and see , but every season he will fall into a fierce battle , because he is such a good player , but they ( Thunder ) are also a great team . "
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