www.mmova.com from the perspective of overall road

www.mmova.com from the perspective of overall road

Two thousand eleven-twelveths season,www.mmova.com the English Premier League 29th round staged wonderful matches of Manchester City at yidihade Stadium against the visiting Chelsea. Heterohylla odds of 1.85, 3.43, 4.11, the current Master Sheng Yi Shengbo rise and William Hill odds, LIBO contrarian increase visitors ' odds. From the perspective of overall trends, increase primary WINS, keeping visitors ' odds is a data company mainstream direction, showing Manchester City were market revolt. Among them, particularly down the winning odds are the most violent, showing market as a guest of Chelsea beat Manchester City at home to 19 in a row record. O color 0.86 1.00 in the hemisphere.

O color out of the Chelsea half a 1.02, then returned to hemisphere to 0.86. The current trend is that Manchester City let rising water levels in the hemisphere, has reached the tipping point. Manchester City this season, the home side had defeated Liverpool and Tottenham, hemispheres should be Chelsea's defeat at Manchester United. However, from the perspective of overall road, Manchester City after 14 rounds unbeaten home League Road last lost against Bolton winning, and has a fault, it could end at any time in a row. Since its founding in the Premier League, both confrontation of 29 games, Manchester City 5-4 20, at a disadvantage. Manchester City host achieved 3 WINS, 1 draw and 10 results, but nearly two years to beat them at home. First leg of the season, Manchester City and visit with Mario Balotelli's lightning goal-leading but Meireles and Frank Lampard for Chelsea to achieve reversal. An early 0-2 down, city rely on Aguero's goals from meikaierdu and Mario Balotelli, home reversion sporting Lisbon, ending a recent losing streak. However, Manchester City still from Europa League slipped out, behind the top spot in the League while Manchester United 4.

Leicester City of the English Crown, Chelsea 5 2 work out at home victory made Andy, Matt, 4 in a row after taking office. After this battle, Chelsea still have the FA Cup winning opportunity behind 4th place in the League, arsenal 3. Europa League exit Manchester City left the Premier League goal. However, Mancini's past history is not good at playing catch-up role. From ahead to behind Manchester City's mental cheap fut coins state worried. Guests 5 Manchester United 0 Kuangsheng wolves victory on the spirit of the city is very large, first extending points lead to 4 points, only 3 experienced than gap, scoring has gone beyond even Manchester City. See from the situation, once the city unable to cross Chelsea, already are at a distinct disadvantage for the title.

Roberto Mancini's spirit and temperament to decide fate of Manchester City, the Blue Moon is cross-season home of the regiment can only count on Super record of 19 straight victories. The past 2 seasons, Manchester City at home to beat Chelsea, but United's 19 in a row get a cold end defeat to Blackburn after record, and already from Manchester City winning streak seems to be crumbling.

Chelsea, villas-Boas bad status of the final 7 games to win a game in the late, Andy, Matt, 4 in a row after taking office, key to stability lies in the locker room. Dima Special Olympics after taking office, to overtures to the locker room and the team wisely, Frank Lampard, John Terry and Didier Drogba and other veterans willing to hard for their future. Well, many years ago means Chelsea go back to the strongest model. While this is not a long-term solution, but Chelsea had to compete for the Champions League, under the premise and slang are best suited for Blues ' secret weapon.

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