in phnom penh and asean summit

LuoYuan stressed, a state coast guard will make China's territorial rights struggle in law enforcement has room for manoeuvre and space for, and at the same time, and the international community. The world Chinese fishing fake oakley sunglasses, vice President of the league LiYiJiang to Asia weekly said China tit-for-tat diaoyu island named surrounding no one, this is should have been doing. At the same time, China at least should not stop mainland people, to the diaoyu islands waters to fishing sightseeing, and it should be for cross-strait fishing operations the escort, in the international society intensify publicity diaoyu island is China's territory. Former pick: Cambodian prime minister hun sen in phnom penh 4, stressed that the implementation of the south China sea the declaration on the conduct of parties in the problem can only be discussed between asean and China and asean countries and China united in their opposition to the problem internationalization. And in the Philippines President, before o's will put forward at the summit iii in the Philippines to north Korea's launch satellites and the south China sea dispute over sovereignty concerns. The Philippines foreign ministry officials said, aquino iii will be in phnom penh push "nanhai peace, freedom, and friendship zone" initiative, and Suggestions into the asean countries in the south China sea code of conduct.
Hun sen is the day in the 20 th asean summit after closing press conference held made the said. He said that, as asean presidency, Cambodia, the government has been about the south China sea issue of Chinese support positions replica oakley sunglasses, asean leaders at the session also are considered, the south China sea issue can only in the south China sea the declaration on the conduct of parties under the framework of China and asean bilateral solve. "Some people think that, every time east Asian summit to discuss the south China sea issue, all is up in the contradiction between China and asean, and that is wrong. In the south China sea the declaration on the conduct of parties is China and asean nations signed between the, don't involve any outside power, therefore, any China and asean countries other than and power can't interfere in this issue, China and asean to hold the same position." Chinese President hu jintao on March 31,, in phnom penh meeting with Cambodian prime minister hun sen. Cambodian opposition to the south China sea issue to the internationalization. In the asean summit before the upcoming conference, Cambodia to the move is on the south China sea "eliminate the doubts of China".
The lion heart comments: in phnom penh and asean summit fake oakleys, Mr Hu's visit was to Cambodia to make waves on the south China sea in the Philippines in the states a preoccupied elsewhere. Beijing in southeast Asia affairs through, both hands want hard to stop the south China sea issue strategy can say international has been a key role. The asean summit, whether makings of but mention lightly, asean are weakened the third force namely observer countries intervention degree. In other words is the asean countries own summit wholesale oakley sunglasses, solve it is also asean countries own care and concern. No matter in some countries on the south China sea of what sort of abacus, can't be ignored asean countries are unwilling to most son too involved in the south China sea affairs of the facts. After all, China in regional economic influence has become a handy weapon can use. Cambodia crucial moments key position, can let us see China diplomatic bright ideas in southeast Asia.
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