New York State Employee Salaries 2007

Hi Bob,
Am forwarding this to you regarding your case pending
against government/state/city funded "SOMETIMES" employees as Albany
puts it, and what their earnings are, and add additional terms of
entitlement they feel they are entitled to.  I see why they hang around at
our expense.
For people to make $80,000 plus fudge numbers, along with taking the word
absentee to new levels.
For people that advise lawmakers "they have done nothing for almost 10
years" as a director and earn $94,000 as Director of Investigations - as
Director of Investigations.  Great insight on this web.
BTW - I have been advised that some in your documents have quietly stepped
down from their C.U.N.Y. positions.  Hard to believe that C.U.N.Y pays
and houses these organizations and you were advised by your
"Employer" that they are by a  Director in need of eliminating your
report of theft, and false numbers.  I know you got my report from Florida
regarding how the need to falsify numbers is used for government funding - put
it all together.
And we think Mr. Madoff is the cause of our problems - with a case pending
regarding retaliation on a CUNY campus that houses a government run agency, but
is paid for by CUNY, I have advised Mr. S as to why the Director who originally
resigned, un-resigned - all $80,000 worth plus.
And as in the above - The Director of Investigations has admitted he does
nothing - so much for our investigators hired to weed out the corruption. 
Have you heard from the EEOC, The D.O.I. or The Attorney General yet?
Billions could be saved eliminating the dead wood - Billions.  And
thanks for the gov_wire web - will forward this to them.
New York State Employee Salaries 2007 has some interesting stories
Speak to you soon,
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