For Immediate Release: Karen Yellen on the ballot in Civil Court Race in Brooklyn; Noach Dear withdraws fraud charges

For Immediate Release                                                                     August
14, 2007



Karen Yellen on the ballot in
Civil Court Race in Brooklyn; Noach Dear
withdraws fraud charges


August 10, 2007 - The race for
Civil Court Judge in Brooklyn's 5th
District is now official, pitting two very different candidates against one
another in what could prove to be a contentious race.  Karen Yellen is a former Civil Court Judge
who is widely known for being the key witness in the case against corrupt
County Leader Clarence Norman.

Her opponent, Noach Dear is a
former city council member who has run and lost numerous campaigns ranging from
Congress to State Senate, racking up campaign finance violations along the


Since nominating petitions were
filed on July 19th, Dear has pursued various ways to keep Yellen off
of the ballot, filing first general, and then specific objections to her 3,500
petition signatures.  After the initial Board
of Elections review of Yellen's signatures found her to have over the required
number of signatures needed to qualify, Dear went after Yellen on fraud
charges, in a last attempt to keep her off the ballot.


Despite consulting a handwriting
expert, hiring a private investigator, and subpoenaing some 27 witnesses, on
the morning the hearing was scheduled to begin, August 9th 2007,
Dear's lawyer informed the judge they would be withdrawing their charges
against Yellen.   After days of reviewing challenges by Dear's
campaign to hundreds of Yellen's signatures, the Board of Elections referees
testified before the judge that Yellen had submitted enough valid signatures to
appear on the September ballot. 


After the hearing, Yellen said "My
campaign worked very hard to collect the requisite number of signatures, and to
do it in a way which complied with New
York State
petitioning guidelines.  Today's events
prove we did everything in the proper way. 
Thousand of voters demonstrated their support of my candidacy and I look
forward to meeting new supporters and friends as I seek to serve the community
as a Civil Court Judge."


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