Alan Gerson barely wins his home club, VRDC

City Councilmember Alan Gerson, had a tough time this evening, Monday,
May 18 during the endorsement meeting at his home club, the Village
Reform Democratic Club (VRDC), barely squeaking out a victory that
required a second run-off vote.

Everyone assumed Gerson would win by a landslide. After all, Gerson,
past president of VRDC, was unanimously endorsed twice by his club, in
2001 and 2005. His mother was one of its founders. But his
attendance record (9th worse out of 51 members) and his failure to
produce any meaningful legislation worked against him, and the third
time was not the charm. Apparently VRDC members felt Gerson's vote
against term limits was too much a betrayal of the democratic process
for a so-called Reform Club to accept.

Amid charges of voting irregularity (33 people cast 34 ballots), the
first vote was 2 votes for Margaret Chin with challenger Pete Gleason
and Gerson tied at 16/16. Some members left before the run-off ballot
could take place, so the final vote was 16-12 Gerson-Gleason.

Gerson must be running scared, because the influential Downtown
Independent Democrats endorsement is two weeks away. Pete Gleason is
considered the favorite son and, although Gerson has been packing the
club for the past month, club insiders feel, like many things that
Gerson has done, it's too little, too late.