RELEASE: Dr. Jay’s Ceases Internet Sale of Stash House Apparel

Council Member– 27th District, Queens, NY
Deputy Majority Leader of The NYC Council
Chair, Committee on Consumer Affairs

For Immediate Release:

November 20, 2007

Rance E. Huff
Office: (212) 788-7084
Cell (718) 207-1158

Dr. Jay’s Ceases Internet Sale of Stash House Apparel

NEW YORK, NY- Councilmembers Leroy Comrie (D-27th District) and Peter Vallone (D-22nd District) announced today that the Dr. Jay’s retail chain has officially removed the availability of the gang-related AKA Stash House merchandise from their website and that the controversial clothing line will not be available at any of their stores or their website. The response came one day after the Council brought to light that Stash House apparel was blatantly espousing the lifestyle of street gangs and was available for sale to urban youth.

The Stash House clothing is the creation of Kemistre 8 LLC, a Manhattan-based fashion company that also owns the popular Akademik clothing line. The clothing line features slogans such as “Soldier For Life”, “Deal Or Die” and “Respect the Shooter”, while accompanied by pictures of guns and gang colors. The most notorious feature of the Stash House clothing line is a list of ‘street’ commandments imprinted on the back of each shirt, with the most alarming commandment being “never snitch ever”.

Council Member Comrie’s office purchased Stash House shirts in businesses on Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn and discovered they were available in numerous stores citywide. Additionally, the clothing line- which shirt labels state are made in India, where child labor violations in the garment industry have reportedly been rampant -had being available to consumers via the Dr. Jay’s website.

“I want to applaud Dr. Jay’s for responding in such a timely fashion,” stated Council Member Comrie. “As we embark upon the holiday shopping season, it is extremely important that the message get out that Stash House apparel sends the wrong message about gang culture to our children and parents should refrain from buying them as gifts. Even more importantly, we need more businesses like Dr. Jay’s to take the first step and remove this garbage from store shelves.”

Added Council Member Vallone, “I would like to commend Leroy Comrie for calling attention to this serious problem and getting such quick results. Dr. Jay’s acted quickly to stop promoting a deadly lifestyle for profit, and other stores should follow their lead.”

“Dr. Jay’s retail stores do not have any of the products in question,” stated Dr. Jay’s Vice-President Mark Sutton. “We have contacted our buyers of the Dr. website and they are removing or already have removed all of the inappropriate merchandise from this company.”

Dr. Jay’s has been serving the fashion-savvy consumers of the New York Metro area for 25 years has been very rewarding, and our appeal to the many out-of-state and international shoppers that visit our stores each day makes us equally proud. In the same way that our New York and New Jersey stores serve countless visitors, our internet store now enables us to share our passion for urban fashion with millions of consumers around the world.

Council Members Comrie and Vallone will be holding a joint hearing of the Consumer Affairs and Public Safety Committees on Thursday, December 13 to examine the marketing and sale of gang-related apparel in New York City.

“It is our intention to invite representatives of New Era, Major League Baseball Properties, the Major League Baseball Players Association, the New York Yankees and Stash House Clothing to attend our hearing and attempt to explain to the public why they are in the business of marketing and selling gang culture to our youth,” Comrie added.


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