FW: PRESS RELEASE from Colonel (S) Louis Wein, USMCR (Disabled) Letter to Archbishop Dolan calling on him to cancel sale of St.

inadvertently forgot to forward this press release and letter to Archbishop
Dolan to you. The Staten Island Advance received copies this morning.  You
can learn more about me by going to my two FACEBOOK pages: Louis la Guardia
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  The full letter to Archbishop Dolan is attached and is much more thoughtful,
comprehensive and sensitive to the issue. But it remains true that the "sins
of the father visit themselves on their children regardless of how innocent
they may be."


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Subject: PRESS RELEASE from Colonel (S) Louis Wein, USMCR (Disabled)
Letter to Archbishop Dolan calling on him to cancel sale of St. Margaret Mary
Convent to the American Muslim Society
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Press Release

Louis Wein, a 100% disabled USMCR Colonel
(Select), sent a letter to Archbishop Timothy Dolan detailing the reasons why the
Archdiocese should stop the sale of St. Margaret Mary's Roman Catholic Church's
Convent, Midland Beach, Staten Island,  to the American Muslim Society. In
his letter Wein noted is extensive Counter Terrorism experience as a senior
Marine Officer for more than eleven (11) years. [Not noted in his letter,
Colonel (S) Wein's son, Joseph Wein, served for more than six(6) years in Iraq,
Afghanistan and other posts in the Middle East often exchanging relevant
information regarding radical Islamic terrorism. Joseph experienced numerous
road-side IED bombings, brutal assignations, enemy attacks and direct assaults
and had access to significant intelligence as well).


Colonel (S) Wein began his letter by writing:
"Understanding that prejudice is inconsistent with the teachings of the
Church, I am asking you to reconsider your approval of the sale of the Convent
at St. Margaret Mary Church, Staten Island to the American Muslim Society. He
continued: 'How can Americans not be expected to express fear, anger and outrage
against even the most innocent Muslim when for years we Americans have been
bombarded with media coverage of the insanity of Muslim terrorist attacks;
publicly televised beheadings of innocent American civilians and news
reporters; the desecrating of bodies of American soldiers; the insane killing
of innocent women and children, many of them Muslims (strictly forbidden by the
Holy Quran); and, even attacking Islamic Mosques and Islamic girl grade schools
all in the name of Allah."


"It is not unreasonable then that the
parishioners of St. Margaret Mary have loudly voiced their opposition to the
sale of the Convent.


Noting his extensive Counter Terrorism and
Anti Terrorism experiences and on-hands living experiences in the Middle East
for more than 11 years, Colonel (S) Wein went on to say: "...Muslims who
picket the streets of Midland Beach; disdainfully shout out their statements at
Parish Meetings have hurt themselves. Attempts to manipulate the issue to one
of religious
intolerance holds no water. It is as far from the Truth as
Heaven and Hell."


The former Clifton/Rosebank resident went on
to say "We are fighting hidden enemies who wear no uniforms nor do any
Orders of Battle exist. There are no identifiable battlefields nor are
conventional forces arrayed against each other. This is a hidden war of
carefully infiltrated terrorists cells under the guise of religious,
educational and non-for-profit associations right here in America's backyard.
There objectives are to kill Americans; create political dissension here at
home; and, set the groundwork for Islamic World Domination not though any
democratic process but through forceful demagogic Theocracy."


I cannot say with certainty that the American Muslim Society is a terrorist
organization, I can say that it's members do have ties with Islamic groups that
mean "harm" to America. I also know that some of the spokesmen of the
American Muslim Society are known to have publicly praised Hamas terrorists.
Nor is it a matter of conjecture that radical Islam does have a strategy to
methodically infiltrate our nation with enemy agents and covert cells. Even
American military officers and enlisted have been coerced and so radicalized
that they murder fellow soldiers distortedly calling on the name of Allah while
shouting "Allah Akbar": God is Great. Here is where TRUTH collides
with ideals."


Wein ended his letter to Archbishop Dolan:
"So I ask you to consider my comments in your review of the sale of the Convent.
Maybe it's time for our Church leaders to listen to the Church: i.e., the
"people called out by Christ to service Him not the Hierarchy. Maybe it's
time for the Episcopal leadership of the Roman Catholic Church to have their
own "paradigm" shift and renew the idea that they are
"Servants" of the People of Christ. Please listen to the Church
speaking out."


In his letter, Mr. Wein noted his long
association with the Archdiocese and his personal friendship with three of the
last four Cardinals of New York. He also noted that he was the founder of the
St. Margaret Mary's Youth Program(circa 1968) as well as Youth Programs at St.
Sylvester's (Concord), St. Joseph's (Rosebank), Holy Rosary (South Beach); St.
Ann's and St. Christopher's (Grant City and Midland Beach).




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