only a single new the rise of power

According to the European or western experience set up "power shift" theory, can see only a single new the rise of power. When Germany in the rise of Europe, the United States replaced Britain, the Soviet union and to the European powers beyond emerging superpower status to challenge the U.S., are only the only challenge countries and the only power maintain countries fake oakleys, that is, in the challenger and maintain outside, almost nonexistent close a third country.
The world today and the western historical experience is very different. Even if there is the "China rises", China is not the rise of a single person. Even, China can't count as the main the rise. We only have to look at South Korea and India, will know that in Asia, the rise of power, absolutely not only China.
South Korea's domestic market is mainly South Korea hold, China's share of the market in South Korea has negligible, not only such, South Korea is the main trade on the Chinese market, and the investors of China, one of the good use, but South Korea is one of the major "world factory".
India's main economic indicators, including GDP (gross domestic product) and total GDP per capita, said the best situation also but are half of China. In some cases, such as the "hardware" infrastructure, India really poor wholesale oakley sunglasses, and the popularity of China's massive national infrastructure can't than. But, India's economy is basically in India, India's central and local governments to still know how to protect domestic market, despite "protectionism" in India was for inside and outside. But in India this stage of development, market protection, industrial protection is still necessary, not unconditional "opening up". China enterprise yell India into the market hard, but India are used by the Chinese enterprise portal opens and occupation of China market.
Here I want to say is, a according to the Chinese way of such "opening up", from countries in the international system power point of view, and can't bring true power rise, and just is the power of the further cuts.
So, use of "rise" calls and judgment in China international power, is wrong.
In today's China is just launched the us and Europe fake oakley sunglasses, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan China even in the globalization of pushing one of the main goals of object. Such a target object and the whole world now completely "joint venture". According to "joint venture" the principles and standards, China international power truly belong to the Chinese part of the only current said the "China power" of the half. In other words, known as "the second largest country in the world economy of China, of which at least half do not belong to China or Chinese, but belongs to the world, to the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, etc
Compared with China, India, South Korea on existing international order more dissatisfaction step back and say, if we admit that there are "China rise", so, at present, China is and India, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia replica oakley sunglasses, Turkey, and Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other together as "emerging powers" for the change of the world not in power structure, which is known as "the multi-polarization".
Submitted by Burgess on Thu, 04/05/2012 - 10:34pm.
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