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Cuomo on NY 1

Thursday night on Inside City Hall, Andrew Cuomo presented a pretty weak defense when asked about a charge made be Mark Green.

Here’s the exchange started by Dominic Carter –

“When you left HUD, Mr. Cuomo, did you receive any honorarium from companies that while you were at HUD they received HUD grants."

Cuomo: "Dominic, after I left HUD I’ve given lectures, speeches, etcetera to companies, its part of what I do. I may very well have spoken before a company that directly or indirectly received HUD funding. But so what?"

Carter: "But is that ethical?"

"Paper to launch Free Paper for Government Employees"

From the New York Sun, June 8, 2006, pg. 3:

Just four weeks after the launch of Our Town Downtown, a free weekly aimed at families living below 28th street, local publishing conglomerate Manhattan Media will introduce a free monthly paper Monday for New York's government employees. Manhattan Media president and chief executive officer, Tom Allon, says he hoped the paper's in-depth coverage of insdier New York politics will appeal to local elected leaders, their staff, lobbyists, good government groups, and agency heads. Mr. Allon said City Hall is modeled after Washington D.C. papers like Roll Call and the Hill, which target employees of the federal government.

An Open Letter to Tom Suozzi

Dear Mr. Suozzi:

You probably won’t remember me, since we have met only once, at Sharpton’s MLK-day event last February. However, I have been admiring your political activities from a distance, for many years now. You have built a powerful resume. I am very impressed with you as a leader in our political party. I find you refreshing. I have even spoken to Ms. Devlin (your manager) about working with you, especially on your “fix Albany” initiative. I have spent the last year defending your potential candidacy on the blogs, and I have publicly admitted to leaning towards voting for you in the upcoming primary. I have impressed countless others to give your candidacy a serious look, and they have. Most are impressed. With all this as a backdrop I write this letter, since today the petitioning process starts. This is the time to make real hard decisions.

Who Should Pay for Rent Control?

Saturday’s NY Times has a column by John Tierney, advocating the end of rent control. (Can’t be linked to because it’s part of the Times’ pay per view section.) 

Tuesday’s Times had letters defending rent control, the gist of the argument was spelled out in one letter - “Tell me, John Tierney, if you were an 83-year-old widow living on your Social Security in the same apartment, now rent-controlled, for 49 years, and the apartment became decontrolled, what would you do? “

I don’t think Tierney wants 83 year olds to be homeless and neither do other opponents of rent control.

Congress Members Adrift...

The Center for Public Integrity just completed a study examining 23,000+ privately funded trips taken by members of Congress and staffers over a 5.5-year period.

Lots 'O Fact Finding.  And among their many interesting discoveries, we learn that the office of Queens Rep. Gregory Meeks finds itself smack dab atop the list of Congressional travelers; meaning, it consumed more than $350,000 worth of travel during this time period.

What Happens In Cuba, Stays In...Separately, we also learn that as a result of the Center's efforts, NY Congressional Dean, Charles Rangel, has acknowledged a violation of House ethics rules, and reimbursed two of the sponsors of a trip he took to Cuba fours years ago with his wife and son.

Grapevine #2

I know that I said I would update this segment every 2 weeks, but I am coming in a few days early this time, since it seems that I have pissed–off many people, and as such I need to clarify a few things.

So fasten your seatbelts, here goes.

Firstly; Eric Adams is going to win the 20th Senatorial race. I have said this before and yet his “peeps” are still angry at me. Even if 1199( union) hadn’t endorse him, he was still going to win this race. Anthony Alexis couldn’t even get an endorsement from his political club, and his former boss-lady (Rhoda Jacobs) is carrying Adams on her petitions to booth. Two other opponents (Elizabeth King and Bill Phillpotts) seem to have been running stealth-candidacies, and Moses ‘Musa’ Moore, the only challenger (to me) who could have made it a lil difficult for Eric, has withdrawn, as far as I know. Plus, Eric had has been wracking-up endorsements like nobody’s business. Plus, he has raised the most money in the field, and has the highest name-recognition by far. I know it is real early, but you can stick a fork in his opponents. This is not even a tough call folks. You can bet the rent-money on this race.

NY Taxes: High However Measured

One of the tricks, or possibility of playing a trick (which I would never do), in the presentation of social and economic data is adjusting it – for population, income, inflation, and other conditions – so it is truly comparable and meaningful across geography and time.

With the May 31 release of fiscal 2004 state and local finance data from the U.S. Census Bureau, you may have heard that New York’s state and local taxes are still the highest per capita in the country.  The per capita measure doesn’t take into account the higher overall wages and costs in downstate New York, which both limits the pain of higher taxes and requires them to purchase public services of equivalent scope and quality.  Thus I have always used the Bureau’s other measure,  revenues and expenditures as a share of the income of area residents, as the more fair and accurate metric.  No matter:  New York is still number one among states, and by some margin, and New York City is much higher than the rest of the state.

Fox's Fascista Briganti Brings It to Ben

From the woman who referred to Christiane Amanpour as a "spokeswoman for Al-Qaeda" and to Jack Cafferty as "unstable as CNN's programming line-up," comes this whale of a sucker punch to our own daily politicker.

"Ben has struggled to regain relevance since leaving the New York Observer, which is why you need a blood hound to find his column. We're happy he's making more than the $29,000 he made at the Observer... then again, you get what you pay for."

Mind you, this garbage came in response to Ben's insistence that Fox News isn't ... how shall I say it ... always that fair and balanced??

MIke's Bogus Argument

The Bloomberg administration is making a pretty dumb argument when they say in Friday’s Post “that anti-terror grants may have been spread around the country for political reasons”.

If we buy that line, then isn’t Mike admitting that his strategy over the last 4 years was a failure? He’s admitting all the money he contributed or raised for various right-wing Republicans ended up not helping the City. Isn’t he saying that the warm welcome he gave the Republicans during the 2004 convention wasn’t useful? That the supposed clout that Republican Congressmen like Peter King, John Sweeney & Tom Reynolds have in DC doesn’t amount to much.

The Year of the Withdrawals: 2006

It was somewhere around this time (early June) a few years ago, while musing with a political crack head, I hinted that each new petition-drive was becoming more and more mundane. His answer felt like a bucket of cold water thrown into the sleeping face of a political addict. He told me that he looked forward to every new election-cycle with eager anticipation and excitement, since each New Year in politics, brings unique personalities, situations, events and occurrences. He was right. And although I fall off the wagon from time to time-especially when these somnambulant black electeds piss me off (which is often) - I always remember his words around this time. You see, this is when the phone starts ringing non-stop, as people recruit help or references while putting together late campaigns. This year however is slightly different. This is the year of the withdrawal(s). Lots of candidates are withdrawing, and by the end of this article you will get the inside scoop on some more withdrawals upcoming. Some may or may not surprise you.

Do NY Pols Suffer from Imaginitus?

First, Kinky in Texas. Now Jimmy ... stickin' it to the wo-man in Nevada, a la Enron no less!

Questions is, why can't our pols give us some good down home entertainment?  Can't say there's no fodder...

Click on the pic to enjoy!


Cuomo vs. Spitzer & Silver?

Andrew Cuomo, in his acceptance speech, vowed to fight against bringing back the death penalty.

"We will not breathe life into the death penalty in the state of New York," Cuomo said.

I wonder what Elliot Spitzer & Shelly Silver, both of whom support capital punishment think about that.

A Mean Green Fighting Machine

Come Again...??!?!?!?

So here's what the little shots would like to know:

Yesterday, embattled AG candidate Mark Green griped that party boss deals and threats cost him his support; and then went on to accuse the Cuomo machinery of threatening one East Side committee member with the loss of a valuable insurance contract.

Problem is, when pressed further to clarify his very public criminal accusation, the attorney-general-wannabe balked.

Apparently, all Mark could do was backtrack .... saying that it was a private contract, and a private conversation?!?!

Ahhh, we lovey the fresh smell of legal irony!!

Quote Notable

Read 'em and weep... 

"This is a false moment... The real campaign starts when the convention is over. I am ready to leave behind the inside politics and determination of party bosses to promote the status quo."

- AG Candidate, Denise O'Donnell, The New York Times

"The Cuomo machine has done me a favor by framing the race between a lifelong lawyer for the people and a political machine. The first half of this game involving deals and threats with politicians is over now the second half of talking with little shots, called the people, begins."

- AG Candidate, Mark Green, The Politicker

Is Mayor Michael Bloomberg a Leprechaun?

Irish legends suggest that a leprechaun is a mischievous elf, who resembles a little old man. He possesses gold-which he hides away- and is very very lucky. Sometimes, he even touches things and they turn into gold, literally or figuratively. So looking back at Mayor Bloomberg’s personal life, his business and political career, I now posit the question: Is Mayor Bloomberg a leprechaun?

By his own admission he got lucky in business. He even admitted to skirting around the peripheries of ethics and public-safety (my words), while conducting business in the early days. This can be extrapolated from the many things written about his business conduct. Some say that brilliant people make their own luck, so maybe the guy is brilliant. And as such, he should be admired.