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Race, The Most Inconvenient Truth

With racial and religious fires being kindled all over the globe, there may not be much left for destruction by the time the massive icebergs do the Al Gore thing.  When man supersedes God(or Nature) and decides that his fellow-man should be exterminated, it may signal that  the impending melt-down of the frozen poles will tilt the planet and send it spinning out of orbit for a fiery cleansing.  The true Armageddon.

New York City is a microcosm of this civilized but unruly world.  And since Brooklyn has become the political toilet-bowl of  New York City, it should come as no shock when differences between racial and ethnic groups flare up in the Borough.

State Assembly Disses Knick Fans

New York Legislature honors Pat Riley as homegrown star

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ The Miami Heat's Pat Riley was honored Wednesday by the New York Assembly as a homegrown New York star a day after he won his fifth NBA championship as head coach.

"I fondly remember the days many years ago, playing basketball with Pat, and working basketball summer camps with him," said Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco, who grew up in Schenectady with Riley.

Riley was a basketball and football star at Schenectady's Linton High School. With Riley, "The state of New York and its citizens," reads the proclamation, "offer good wishes, admiration and congratulations."

Bad Morning Caused By Albany

Today was supposed to be a good day.  It's the kids' last day of school, a half day, and I took the day off to enjoy it with them.  But I just looked at the New York Times online, and saw a nightmare.

By accident, as a result of the failure of the "big three" to agree how to divide the spoils, this budget was going to be the least bad of the Pataki Administration.  There was no additional state aid to allow over-funded school districts in the rest of the state to spend even more, and pass the check to the city's children and taxpayers.  There was a reduction in the spending increase for New York City's greedy, Medicaid-financed health care providers.  There was even a few capital nickels for New York City's ripped off children.  But according to the Times it won't happen that way.

"New York Pizza Department" & NYPD funding

Why does the NYPD let businesses use its name for free? Even now--after 9-11, when just today Mayor Bloomberg appeared in Washington for more funds?

I was adding to my NYC-dictionary blog's "pizza" entry. There's an interesting, newly digitized article from 1902 about there being no "pizza" anywhere in New York! By 1905 and 1908, "pizza" had arrived in New York to Spring and Mulberry Streets. Today, "New York pizza" is famous throughout the world.

Various companies and organizations guard their trademarks vigorously. McDonald's will go after anything named McDonald--even if that's your name. The MTA recently went after a bagel place in Brooklyn that was named after a subway line. NYC Marketing trademarked "World's Second Home."

Honest Joe Bruno

As another dismal session of the NY State Legislature comes to an end, it's time to look way back in history to .............. April! 

On April 25, Senate Dem Leader David Paterson announced a deal that he made with Majority Leader Joe Bruno regarding "member items" or as civilians call it - pork.

Part of the deal stated - "For this year, Senator Bruno has committed himself to making a full disclosure of member items according to the criteria described above on or before May 15."

It's now June 20. I don't recall seeing any press reports listing the full disclosure, does anybody else?

The Grapevine #3

For those of you who have nothing better to do, than carry the “jocks” of those incompetent black-elected officials of Brooklyn-the ones I usually excoriate in my posts here and elsewhere on the blogs-I have a word or two for you. Firstly; stop attacking me while hiding behind those “anonymous” masks in the comment sections of my posts here, and on other blogs linked to Room8. It’s childish and cowardly. I am here, quite willing, ready and able to debate the issues and concerns that I raise. Use facts, history, context, logic, whatever, but don’t keep childishly calling me names. I do expect better. You are starting to look bad. Real bad, and petty also. You are turning out to be unworthy opponents. I am getting bored already.

Has the Vann Klan Made An Ass Out of Yassky?

Our prediction here is that David Yassky’s chance of victory in the 11th Congressional District has been severely diminished if not altogether wiped out.  But whether he wins or loses, David Yassky will always be remembered by name as the White candidate who tried to hijack a Congressional seat that belonged to “people of color.” His colleague City Councilman Al Vann didn’t just  plaster the label on Yassky right here in New York City.

Vann tagged Yassky as an enemy of Black Empowerment in allegations circulated in the Press and sent directly to Black elected officials and leaders across the United States. No doubt Vann had in mind the goal of  raising funds and endorsements for the Vann Klan’s  own candidate Carl Andrews, and their support group.

The Hamptons Jipped-Me...

... and you, for that matter. 

Want some homeland security? Then ride the freakin' Jitney!

That's right.  That's where it's at.  Your personal homeland is safe so long as you're traveling in style to and fro the Hamptons.


Not going to the Hamptons?  Then sorry.  You're shit out of luck.

While New York City scrambles to fill its homeland security funding shortfalls, the folks at Hampton Jitney Inc. have had no problem landing their share of Homeland Security funding - to the tune of $83,000 over the past two cycles (viewable here and here).

All in the Family

This from The Note: "Republican Strategist Mary Matalin hosts a reception for Scooter Libby's defense fund at her Alexandria, VA home at 6:30 pm ET. The event is closed press. The price of admission: $500 per person to attend, $5,000 per person to co-host."

One has to wonder will Jamses be home or on the road. 

NY1's "Today in NYC History" goofs again.

NY1's notoriously incorrect and incomplete "Today in NYC History" strikes again:

June 19, 2006
On this date in...

1846...The father of baseball, Alexander Cartwright, brings together the New York Nine and the Knickerbockers at a field in Hoboken for the first recorded baseball game. The Niners win 23-1.

As I wrote to the American Dialect Society listserv on March 2, 2003 ("Base Ball in BROOKLYN EAGLE"):

The Words of Groucho Marx as Applied to Tom Suozzi

Tom should have read Grouch Marx before he stepped in over his head.

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.

Groucho Marx

Why, and To Whom, Cutting NYC Terror Funds Makes Sense

There is a chorus of incomprehension about the decision by the federal Department of Homeland Security to reduce security funding for New York City by 40 percent, and redistribute the savings to other less populated areas.  Some people cannot understand how it can make sense to take money away from a city that has been attacked several times and is the subject of ongoing threats and plots.  That is because such people believe that the purpose of homeland security funding is to ensure homeland security.

In reality, for elected officials the provision of public services and benefits is incidental to the actual purpose of the expenditure of public funds, if not an impediment to it.  The purpose of public spending is to reward narrow groups of political supporters with more money in exchange for less effort than any of those paying would have agreed to voluntarily.  Taxes are not voluntary.

Strip Club owner pulls out

One of Buffalo's biggest philanthropists is Rick Snowden, Republican.

He owns a historic 20,000 square foot mansion. He donates to myriad local charities. He has a collection of checks signed by just about every US President in history. He also happens to own a strip club in Cheektowaga, and proudly shuttles horny men gentlemen to and from the club in Hef's own Mercedes limo.

Late last week, Mr. Snowden announced that he would not run for County Executive.


State Party Logos 

Is it me or have politics been as boring as both parties' state logos lately?

Blah blah blah Tom is acting like a spoiled child not getting attention...Blah blah blah Major Owens finally has something to say for the first time this decade that doesn't involve reading rap lyrics into the Congressional Record. Blah blah blah Hillary isn't as anti-Flag burning as her opponent.

It's primary season which should have some excitement, but I just can't be excited by Brian Kavanagh [fixed spelling] challenging Sylvia for the assembly and it's just pathetic that if I still lived in the 10th Congressional District I'd vote for Edolphous over the rest. The 11th District race is interesting, but if I read the words "David" and "race" again I'm going to bang my head into my beautiful new MacBook™'s screen.  

What Happend to the Left

Woman Democratic Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco signed into law a strict ban on abortion that would permit abortion only in the case where a woman's life was threatened by pregnancy. The effect on a woman’s right to choose would occur if Roe is overturned.

Has everyone on the left fallen asleep?

Should important issues be left to only one party?