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Faso, Weld Seek Support of NY Buildings Congress

by Ryan Eick, Staff Writer 

Republican gubernatorial candidates William Weld and John Faso appealed to the New York Building Congress this morning, voicing their visions for state growth and development.

While Weld wants weightier environmental wellness regulations, Faso fancies fighting fees from liability insurance to fuel building sector growth. Faso said that the Empire state is No. 1 in out-migration and No. 50 in business tax planning, stating that all citizens stand to gain from a financial re-vamp.

Both contenders touted the need for improved transit a top priority – especially development of entry points (such as the Tappan Zee bridge) and upstate infrastructure, as well as the maintenance and advancement of the Metro-Transit-Authority and its assets.

Weld & the Bedroom

Bill Weld in accepting the endorsement of the Libertarian Party said he disagrees with the Party on legalizing drugs and prostitution but he concurs that government should be "kept out of your bedroom". Isn't this a contradiction?

Defending D'Amato

One doesn’t have to be a friend of Al D’Amato to think that this NY Times story about Bill Weld and Al is unfair to D’Amato - starting with the headline - Hints of Truth-Stretching in Weld-D'Amato Feud and continuing throughout.

The premise that both Weld & D’Amato are not telling the whole truth is probably technically correct. But whereas Al is wrong about a relatively minor point - when they first met, Mr. Weld is shown to be telling whoppers about everything else. He is wrong about when Al gave him money, about how much money Al gave him and about whether Al threatened him.

Long Sticking It To Minarik

Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long announced today that his Party will preempt the Republican Party by holding its state convention to choose its Senate and Gubernatorial nominees on May 23rd in the Big Apple, one week before the May 31st GOP Convention begins on Long Island.

While Long and Minarik agree on backing John Spencer for US Senate, they disagree on the Governorship. Long has long favored John Faso while Minarik is backing Bill Weld.

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