The Invisible Sea of People Without Jobs

The Invisible Sea of People Without Jobs


By Michael Boyajian


Back in 2008 when I was laid off from my state job as a judge the Poughkeepsie Journal wanted me to do a column that would track my job search.  I considered the idea but then decided against it.  You see, being laid off without cause was a humiliation that I did not want to share at that time.  I was especially unnerved because I had recently adjudicated with great success two of the biggest cases in state history and also because I had never been reversed on appeal as a judge.

NYC to create 400,000 new jobs? (Bloomberg's State of City address)

"Today, I’ll outline a nine-point plan that will allow us to retain and create as many jobs as possible now and 400,000 jobs over the next six years, in all five boroughs."--Michael Bloomberg's State of the City address.

400,000 jobs in six years? How's that gonna happen? And, since the next mayor will be elected for four years (not six years), does that mean Bloomberg's going to run for a fourth term?

Government shouldn't be creating any jobs. Private industry should be creating jobs. Government should be getting out of the way by offering a low-tax environment. Isn't New York City government shedding jobs, just like every other employer in this economy?

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