A Breeze Blows Out Of Brooklyn

I wish to first offer my congratulations to the winners - Letitia James, Laurie Cumbo, Scott Stringer, and especially to Bill de Blasio and Ken Thompson.

What a fantastic thing to wake up to at 11:00 PM!


TODAY WAS A HISTORIC DAY FOR THE MINORITY BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK! The New York Real Estate Chamber (NYREC) had its "coming out party" today in a big way, by hosting four high profile economic development forums, featuring the candidates of the mayoral, comptroller, Manhattan borough president and Queens borough president races.

Don't Waste Your Beautiful Minds On Garbage

Last Thursday, I was saddened to discover that Abe George was no longer running for the office of Brooklyn District Attorney. I heard the news just as it was being announced over the airwaves that evening. That sadness, however, was mitigated by the idea that now we are going to bear witness to quite the event: Hynes vs. Thompson, with Abe George in Thompson's corner.

Candidates in Race for Mayor make their own case.

Candidates in their OWN words.  Thursday night, we hosted an hour- long special on the NYC Race for Mayor on RNN-TV.

Quiet and Methodical: The Bill Thompson Campaign for NYC Mayor


For weeks here in the New York City area folks have asked me, what is Bill Thompson doing?

Are We Tired Of Self-Serving Scumbags Yet?

Well...are we, New York City?

New York State?

The entire United States?

I would tend to think so.

I glanced at the cover of Metro this morning. 

NY Metro 04-09-13 


Chris - this is what happens when you suborn the will of the voters; more than that, you VOTE AGAINST SICK DAYS?!?

What's that crap all about?

Quinn gains 20 point lead: poll

Let's face it.

If you're City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the race for NYC Mayor can't get here fast enough.

Quinn who has a shot at making history not only as the first woman mayor of the Big Apple, but also as the first openly gay mayor of the city, has been receiving some good press regarding her strong support for gay marriage and legislation she's backed mandating a controversial "living wage" for employees of businesses receiving city subsidies.

Race for NYC Mayor. Bill Thompson, Christine Quinn, or Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

The other night appearing on TV, RNN, host Richard French with seconds left to go threw a question to me, a hand grenade for NYC Politics. French asked me about the race for mayor.

Mr. Mayor, it's not looking good. Your Legacy is on the line

With the bad news this week for NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg--his lowest approval rating in eight years at just 39 percent, the Mayor’s Spokesman Stu Loeser says quote:

“The mayor is making tough choices in a difficult time, which is what people elected him to do.”

The Upcoming Televised Debates

To those of you interested in the political process, and I hope that is everyone, it’s that time of year, to start watching LIVE DEBATES on NY1.

First of all, no organization in this state comes close to doing as great a job on debates as NY1. Hours and hours of preparation go into the debates. Hours and Hours of meetings and research.

It doesn’t matter if your politics are Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive. Or Independent. These debates are an opportunity for the public, a “snapshot” for you to see the candidates without some type of a media filter.


It's Election Day. Today we as voters have an opportunity to elect a new mayor, but, perhaps more importantly, show why we are a democracy. I can only speak for myself, so here are the many reasons why I am voting for Bill Thompson, and also my reasons why I will not, now or ever again, vote for Mike Bloomberg.

Obama comedy zinger at Bloomberg; Thompson to drop out?

President Obama, at last night's correspondents dinner, provides the quote of the day:

"In the next hundred days, I will meet the leader who rules over millions with an iron fist, who rules the airwaves and uses his power to crush all who challenge his authority at the ballot box. Good to see you, Mayor Bloomberg."


Social Networking Out-of-Comptrol(ler)

Faddish Web 2.0-oriented consultants often advise their clients to be ubiquitous on the Internet (I know I have).  So it's not surprising that in the last ten days I (and I assume thousands of other New Yorkers) received email invitations from Bill Thompson to be his friend/join his network on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and, today, Digg.

I'm finding myself on edge waiting for the Comptroller's Twitter feed.

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